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Thread: Favorite toys!

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    My parents split when I was a baby, and my mother and her family encouraged me to play with all the standard feminine toys, while my father tried to get me toys that went against gender stereotypes.

    I liked some of each set. At my mother's, I'd play with dolls a lot. I mostly liked to make up stories and act them out, and often I'd have the dolls argue and fight. My mother sometimes told me to start playing with them "right" (meaning brushing their hair, dressing them in different clothes, or 'mothering' them), but I wasn't too interested in that kind of play.

    At my father's, I had lego (didn't get that at my mom's, since it was "for boys"), mega blocks (like legos but much bigger; I could make structures and sit inside them), and a toy sword. My dad made me the sword himself when I started getting into She-Ra cartoons. He just took some cardboard and tinfoil and told me it was a "She-Ra sword". I think I played with that pretty much every time I visited him.

    I also liked to just act out stories I imagined, but you don't need toys for that.

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    Legos. Someway, somehow, I have over $1,000 in sets. And that's the stuff I could remember after randomly cataloging the total worth... A few years ago. Still fun, though I don't get them as regularly nowadays. Also, anything of a videogamish nature, though that probably doesn't apply. I maintained a dual interest in k'nex and legos for a bit, but that didn't stick.
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