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    After my initial period of injuriously pigging out on perishable foodstuffs, I'd drive to Sydney due to the abundance of resources there. I'd spend some time researching various things I needed to know, walking down main thoroughfares nude, throwing rocks through windows and getting freaked out by things I thought I saw out the corner of my eye or the echo of my own footsteps.

    Then I would devote time to learning how to sail, take an appropriately-sized yacht and go on a bit of a wander. Ideally I'd fulfill my life-long ambition of dying in a spectacular natural disaster by sailing into a tornado or tsunami.

    If that proved too difficult to achieve I guess I'd sail to America where the pickins are rich and the artifacts more likely to provoke interest than crippling nostalgia, find myself a couple of big dogs (male and female) to befriend and make half-assed attempts to grow things to supplement my unending supply of tinned food. I'd either get very religious or acquire the means to spend much of my time very high.

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    I think I'd be fine. There's alot of things that one CAN do, that without people, would still be available to do. The lack of people would be annoying, but it'd open up alot of freedom.

    I'd mourn those few important to me, but only 'people' are gone so I'd turn into a crazy cat lady with like 100 cats and they'd be all the company I need.

    While no more games or movies or anything would be being produced, there'd still be thousands of each available I hadn't tried yet. Considering I could build a top of the line supercomputer pretty much without fear of parts, or going obsolete, I could play anything I wanted.

    The internet would still be a great resource for awhile, it'd be awfully hard to shut that down just because people weren't around... though eventually my account would run out of money, but it wouldn't matter since eventually I'd be able to hack into SOMEONE's funds or adjust my own somehow at the bank and fix that up.

    Life would suck without my BF, but how I normally cope with loss is to distract myself for long periods of time. I've always wanted to go rock climbing, probably indoor stuff, and considering there'd be noone to stop me, I could go do that for awhile, among other stuff.

    Raid a used book store and read to my heart's content, keep myself busy and entertained, I mean I'm the only one left, and honestly I'm glad humans are gone so they can't screw anything up anymore. I myself can't personally screw up the world solo, so no point in speeding up my death, but I don't think I'd try to bring humans back into the world by any means, even if such is available. I will let us go quietly extinct.

    In short, I'd just live my life carefree and try to keep my mind off of bad memories. Postapocalyptic worlds are something I rather enjoy the thought of, and wouldn't mind probably. Love post apocalypse movies, so would probably be vaguely fit to survive such.

    It'd just be really lonely is all. At least until I went insane. Then it'd be nicely populated again.

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    I'd probably start hearing voices and seeing things after a while, like someone mentioned above

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    I would take my dog and go exploring with no long term plans really.
    I can not see myself missing human contact all that much, nor would my existence become any less meaningful than it already is.

    I'd probably acquire a car and a GPS, fuel, new clothes, a new laptop, a few guns and ammunition, food, medicine, etc. Then drive around doing weird shit that only makes sense to me.

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    bum around, eat some chocolate. write i told you so on every window. place speakers on roof tops. turn up the volume. clear out a habitat for the self, goto the country and maintain and plant crops on farms. would that constitute animals, if people weren't there, then i'd create an animal zoo and look after them. probably see if i could find any way to make clones or something. then probably look around if i could find any dna of others and try to replicate them, hahah yeah right, given the zero replicating ability i wonder how i'd manage that one. in that case just go fishing, make a bonfire. tend to the animals and farms for food. stock up on anything that remains edible. lots of seeds too. plant forests. dunno, think of things to do to keep self busy and distract the self people aren't around. listen to lots of music, play computer games. try to get electricity going, try to do stuff, like run around in supermarkets and open everything for fun. shrugs. wouldn't miss people much if i told myself i could distract myself long enough with everything else. go to libraries and read everything. dunno, try to create feral predatory animal free zones. stock up on ammo and medical supplies. hahah make robots, damn, how i wish we lived in the make robots to do everything for you age. then i'd just get bored and die lonely.

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