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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    haha...your fantasies include pissing on things? and how's the piano getting up there?
    My pissing on sacred objects would be a metaphor for my distaste of their dead and usless dogmas.... I'm the last man on Earth, thus I am god and my word is truth.

    I would get it up there somehow! That would be one of the first things I would do as it would be somewhat amazing. I wish I could take a whole orchestra up there though... We could wish the sun goodnight.

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    This will not end well...
    But it will at least be poetic, I suppose...

    Hmm... But what if it does end well?
    Then I suppose it will be a different sort of poetry, a preferable sort...
    A sort I could become accustomed to...

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    If I was alone, I'd probably kill myself. What's the point, when you're living, if there's nothing to live for?

    (There's no sex... NOTHING!)

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    I'ld probably kill myself trieing to park a supper bagger on a woman's parking lot on the upper floor of a parking deck

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    I'm kinda baffled at people's need to repopulate the earth. I think I'd just enjoy the life I have left, learning basic survival skills while living on what the rest left behind. When it's my time, it's my time. Nature will tend to itself.

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    It would be fun for a while. First things I would do,
    1. Raid the local hospital pharamacy for medication, and banadages etc.
    2. Jack a winnebago, and maybe a trailer (an enclosed one of course)
    3. Raid the local supermarket for non-perishables & water
    4. Raid the local gun shop, and teach my self how to use a gun
    5. Set up a radio beacon for my winnebago, just in case there are survivors, maybe one of them radio things.
    6. Get myself a couple of dawgs for company (dawgs are people!). Actually think I'd be a lot happier.
    7. I'd also get a few luxuries, find a genarator, and few solar panels to generate power
    hook things up ( I'd have fun doing it).
    Once I had planned every thing out and stocked up loaded up extra cans of petrol etc. etc. I'd drive out of this town, to either a city, or some where that isn't desert. Fertile land maybe better, and set up a fortess/out post, because I would think it unlikely I 'd be the only survivor. I would consider breaking into a sperm bank, and having kids...but I also think that would make you pretty vunerable. My fortess would be on farm land, and I would like it on flat land, with little forest so I could see predators coming. I'd have to think about this throughly, but I'm not incapable and fairly pragmatic. So long as it's in a book, I'm pretty sure I could build it. I'd have so many projects , I probably wouldn't notice there was no one around. I think I'd enjoy the freedom.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.


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    I'll go and live with other animals.
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
    - George W. Bush -

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    well from reading half of the responses on here... I've come to one conclusion

    If I'm on earth with just ONE person. I'll hope it would be a male INTP...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robopop View Post
    What if you woke up tomorrow and found out you were the last person on earth?

    What would be the first thing you would do, how would you try to survive in this post-homosapien world?
    Finally, peace on Earth! I could curl up into fetal position and sob for the mankind but since there isn't anything I can do about it anymore, I'd still like to live for as long as I can and do my best to enjoy it. Taking action is the best solution. So, the first thing to do would be to provide myself with basic necessities and supplies to make my life as comfortable as possible. I'd have to come up with an efficient plan on how to maximize the use of stuff around me. And some contingency plans when I happen to get sick or injured and stuff like that. I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way but I'd really like to have the opportunity to see what I'm made of. :workout:

    Haha, ok, reading the other responses made me realize something. I don't want to go anywhere but my childhood home because it has a perfect location and useful amenities to create my own solitary fortress on Earth. I'd stock up on good books and all the things that interest me, I could go and find out everything I've ever wanted to know but taking extended trips is not what I'd be looking forward to. I'll stick with the area around my home city for the starters and see what will happen in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming View Post
    If I was alone, I'd probably kill myself. What's the point, when you're living, if there's nothing to live for?

    (There's no sex... NOTHING!)
    Maybe over time as age and disease sets in - perhaps if I got to the point where I couldn't handle the physical demands of that kind of life... but before I did so I would definitely try many things.

    I would break into all of the government buildings and figure out everything I ever wanted to know about anything.

    I would fly every top secret aircraft in the US inventory and some of the not so top secret ones too.

    I would go find the biggest monster truck and drive it over whatever the fuck I wanted demolition derby style just to see what one of those things could really do to a downtown metropolis. Then I would do the same with a tank, and on and on.

    I would take my motorcycle to any and every odd place I could possibly think of to ride it and do that.

    I would then take a boeing 777 over to Europe check it out... fly back to the US and steal a lockheed C-5 galaxy and load it with my monster truck and motorcycle. I would then proceed to drive my monster truck all over things in Europe I'd take the cycle inside the Louvre and take up permanent residence in Versailles while in France and Buckingham palace while in England, I would also stay in the vatican while in Rome and pretty much anywhere else I wanted.

    While randomly driving and flying around Europe I would also check out all of their top secret government documents and see what they were all up to and I would raid the secret archives of the vatican for sure.

    I'd then take the C-5 to places like Africa and Asia and check them out.

    by this time I'd probably be getting pretty old and tired and may have sustained some injuries along the way so when it came time to kick the bucket I'd try my hardest to launch myself into space assuming I ended up being the last person on earth while there was still a functioning space shuttle somewhere in the US. This would probably take me another 5 to 10 years to figure out how to pull off on my own, but assuming I did I would head off into deep space and flip off the earth while it disappeared from sight and wait to die...

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    Well if this happens your life is over. It is just that there will be a small delay. Also I think that pretty much the same works for nature as well.

    You see if you are only person one the planet that means there is no one to handle all those thousands of factories with dangerous chemicals that are scattered throught out the world. So if some tanks brakes the content will inevitably end up in rivers and lakes. So once it kill the flora and fauna the new one will not just grow up since the pollution will last for quite some time. What leads to extinction of species.

    Also an number of viruses, bacteries and invasive species that are held in the labs will probably brake free with time. In other words just because humans are gone that does not mean that they would not have anything to kill.

    Today there are thousands of opened surface mining operations. What means that with time much of those toxic materials will probably end in under ground waters, rivers and soil. Plus all that standard garbage and remains of infrastructure will start to decompose creating even more of chemical pollution.

    All dams that are created would brake since no one would be there to operate them. What would create massive waves that will destroy entire landscapes in their path. (and help chemicals and viruses to escape quickly)

    Have you seen what a single broken oil-well is doing in Gulf of Mexico ?
    Well in this case we will have hundereds of such cases all across the globe with no one to stop them. Eventually the oil spils will cover pretty much the entire oceans and shores lowering the amout of sunlight in the sea and thus killing pretty much everything in the upper few hundered meters of water.

    Also the oceans covered with oil will have lower capacity to produce rain. What will reduce rainfall all over the world. Creating droughts that will lead into desaturation of entire landscapes and off-set the balance of glaciers that serve as aquafiers for entire landscaps during summers. In other words every landscape that becomes dry enough in onlay one time of the year will burn-down completly on hot summer sun.
    No to mention that blackness of oil will change the albedo of the planet making it warmer place in the start while lowering evaporation at the same time. What means that for the little rain there will be it wil take quite sometime to be wash away all that chemical pollution.

    If lightning manage to fire up the oil the damage would already be pretty much done (especially with enough time). Plus in this case we would probably get a run-away global warming in the case we already don't have one. The carbon dioxide created by this oil burning will change sea chemistry / acidity and perhaps even kill the creatures that live deep in the oceans. Also the natural gas that we burn is quite strong green house gas and it would leak out of wells for years and in some cases even decades in this scenario. (same works for oil)

    Under these conditions even animals and plants that manage to survive will die because complete destruction of food chains is simply unavoidable in this scenario. Food chains are simply to fragile to handle something like this.

    Plus we have about 450 nuclear power plants and about 150 nuclear military vessels on the planet. What means that there will be about 600 Chernobyl like events going off pretty much at once.

    I am sorry guys but I could not resist.

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