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Thread: Alcohol

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    Fe happens.

    And God damn it's scary.

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    I float, feel calmer and more fluid... but it also makes me sick in many cases.

    So I don't really drink.

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    For the most part i'm like someone mentioned earlier: very ENFP. I'm friendly, chatty, and run around making sure i talk to everyone. Sometimes I can get a little carried away/repetitive, but i'm very good at catching myself (better than when sober, actually) and turning it into something funny before i weird people out too much. I never get angry, just occasionally upset or in pain because i fell down or something dumb.

    I hang around a fraternity that my best friend is in (and boyfriend was in) so i drink plenty. I wouldn't say too much though, I'm very limited in my selection of alcohol because I cannot consume gluten, so most beers, vodkas (which I hate anyway), whiskeys are out and since I hate cheap tequila that's out too. So I basically limit myself to rum and wine which ends up meaning a lot less drinking than most of my friends. I also have pretty good friends and we all keep watch out for each other, making sure we're drinking water etc. if the night gets a bit crazy.

    My father is also a recovering alcoholic so i am very conscious of my drinking patterns and keep it very well in check; i can have just one drink, know when to stop, an d i don't drink at home except for a glass or 2 of wine every couple days when i actually do buy wine for non-cooking purposes. It works out OK for me, i've had a couple embarrassingly drunk moments but nothing unsafe/stupid. Usually just me crying because "i'm so happy" and "i just love you guys"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kat View Post
    What does it do to you? What do you act like when you're drunk? Does this keep you away from alcoholic drinks?
    I am a big fan of, and actually enjoy the taste of, beer and liquor.

    I enjoy the fact that it removes inhibitions to the point that I enjoy my time around new people and it makes me more outgoing. It also makes socializing in large groups much better and provides a convenient activity for social gatherings.

    I generally have a good time once I'm intoxicated initially. I couldn't even begin to guess the last time that I ended the night in a positive state after drinking but the good thing about alcohol, for me, is that even if I'm in a negative mood, it is much easier for me to feel/identify with/understand my emotions.

    I practice a lot, though, so I have the advantage of having a high tolerance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kat View Post
    What does it do to you? What do you act like when you're drunk? Does this keep you away from alcoholic drinks?
    For the most part I am a happy drunk.
    But there is dark side and I have lost friendships.

    But mostly it's the hangovers that keep me from drinking . That, and also, with a few exceptions, most people seem to become completely graceless on the stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    [YOUTUBE=""]"i like beer"[/YOUTUBE]
    YouTube - Korpiklaani - "Vodka" Nuclear Blast Records
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    I don't drink much because i don't really like the effect alcohol has on me. or rather, i like certain aspects but there are a lot of negative sides to it IMHO.

    I do enjoy the taste (i love a good beer on a warm day, a nice wine or occasionally some whiskey) and it does help a bit to take away some of my inhibitions, but being drunk also makes me more likely to act like a douchebag who keeps bumping into things. I also tend to have bad hangovers very quickly. Most of the times when i go out, just have a few beers, and very rarely do i have more than 6 or 7.

    The only substance that makes me more sociable without negative side-effects is ecstacy. I very rarely take that, but it's the only substance i really enjoy in a social atmosphere.
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    dus.. nu zit ik op m'n fiets alsof het niets is,
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    there are very few people i enjoy drinking with.
    if it's not with them, then i don't drink at all.
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    Never been really drunk, but most drugs just make me quiet and a belly button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kat View Post
    What does it do to you?
    It makes me cool and exciting (more than usual I mean).

    What do you act like when you're drunk?
    Like a superstar.

    Does this keep you away from alcoholic drinks?
    Yes. I'm afraid someone will be permanently blinded by my sheer awesomeness.

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