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    Default The type that has a special place in your heart.

    Are there people of a type you often find yourself loving? Therefore, you consistently feel attracted to this type? One that you feel a 'kinship' with? One that you're most "sensitive" with/towards.
    It doesn't have to be romantic relations.

    My polar opposite/dual - ESTP. I adore them.
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    Recalling high school I felt drawn to what I think were ENFPs, they're warm, happy, friendly and spontaneous. Pretty much the total opposite of my misanthropic paranoid lonerness. Not much in common for any kind of relationship but I seem to like them.

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    After thinking about this I'd have to say INFPs. I've known a few of them, and discovered that three of the people outside of my family that I like most are INFPs. All three of them, BTW, are 'into' MBTI - maybe that's why they understand and appreciate me.

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    INTJs. Like Natrushka, three people outside of my family that I like best have been INTJs. There's just something about them that works for me. We seem to connect on most levels yet have insights the other lacks. I have fun with them, as well as share fears and woes with them. What I have with them is hard to find.

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    Hmm... I seem to have a soft spot for INTP's these days, although I'm not sure why... I guess there's something calming/interesting about them a lot of the time.

    But I do agree with you that I can find good in ESTP's (which is comforting, I guess, to know that someone can be the total opposite of me and still be a decent person.), although I honestly don't know if I could be around one for very long... they're probably too loud/fast, and that could be hard on me.

    But there are probably a lot of types that have a special place in my heart... and I tend to reserve that on an individual basis... one person of a type may be special, and another may not be.

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    ENTJ's and INFP's. Can't possibly choose between them, but easily those two.

    There are others that come close behind, but behind all the same.

    ENTJ's ground me. In all senses of the word - including the one about sending someone to their room and cutting their allowance, something I badly need on occasion! I ping myself around like a rubber band out of control and eventually it lands me in some crazy shit, sooner or later, and it takes an ENTJ to come up behind me as I'm standing there like Braveheart (all very noble and brave, but foolish and about to get killed for a lost cause), put a hand on my shoulder and say 'Dude, chill. Come on, let's go back and analyze this.' Sometimes all it takes is a single word from one, and it's like a magic spell that disperses all my anxiety and self-doubt and gives me a sense of purpose.

    INFP's sorta have the opposite effect, but in a good way. When I've become too cold and sarcastic, cynical and pompous, or when I'm feeling really down on humanity and like I'm about to hibernate, they sorta fluff and warm me up; they get me back in the mood to pick up my pea-shooter again! They give me a greater sense of perspective regarding what's right and wrong, which is something I often lack completely.

    Without INFP's I'd be completely amoral and cold, and without ENTJ's I'd be like a leaf blown aimlessly around on the wind, right into the teeth of a combine harvester!
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    ENFJs. But everyone already knew that.
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    I adore ExTJs in general because they usually are nice enough to bluntly tell me when I'm being an idiot- my ExTJ friends do this all of the time (apparently I'm frequently idiotic) and I'm quite grateful for it!

    and I have a weird soft spot for IxFJs as well- I just kind of want to punch people out for them and such- I mean- they BELEIVE in things and are nice which always amazes me! Plus- my mom is an ISFJ who is kind enough to say sensible things like- "let's think this through" before I go off and do something dumb

    and of course I admitted in another thread to being deeply attracted to ExFJs, even if things don't always go the best with them, I'm SO drawn to their deep emotions and control over things (which is funny, since I don't like to be told what to do!)

    I'd almost forgotten until I was telling a story earlier- there's no type more fun to get into trouble with than an ENTP! similar to me, but more inventive! I've had friends of that type since I was a little kid and we've caused nothing but trouble (but it was FUN trouble! )
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    ISTP and ISFJ.

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    I adore.....

    ENTP's ENTJ's and INTJ's

    it's definitely the NT connection
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