Roxana Cassano - a young girl (22 years old) who is the main character in my sci-fi short story in progress, "The Rise of Morning Stars". Her name comes from a Persian word meaning "luminous beauty", and her physical appearance stands true to her namesake. Any man who sees her is entranced by her beauty, to the point where he would lay down his life for her. There is much more to her character, however, than just that: she is quite intelligent and shows great potential in her field of computer programming. She is also very open-minded and tolerant, and perhaps somewhat of a rebel (especially when it comes to defending her love). She is blissfully ignorant about the outside world (though this is mainly because she's a Rank A elite and is therefore isolated from Rank B and Rank C people*).

She has a twin sister named Venus, though Venus never speaks. The plot twist in my story will explain why Venus never speaks - until then, it's my little secret .

*[In the dystopia I have created for this story, people are ranked according to their genetic makeup. Rank A people are born as designer babies and therefore are said to have "pure" genes. Rank B people are those who were born naturally, yet whose genetic makeup is still considered "good". Rank C people are normal people like us - they were born naturally, and have a mix of good and bad genes. But the bad genes (which concern serious health risks/disorders) are considered "undesirable" in the dystopia; thus, the Rank C people are given the lowest jobs in society, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. Also, ideas such as love are rendered obsolete - marriages are arranged between Rank A-Rank A, Rank B-Rank B, and Rank C-Rank C people only. The government has set this up so that there is "no trace of undesirable genes in the higher ranks of society".]