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    Space and the Environment

    Quote Originally Posted by Chunes View Post
    No. It would contribute to a colossally irresponsible waste of resources I wouldn't want on my conscience. Also, as has been demonstrated several times already, we are not capable of sending people into space safely. Statistically you'd have a 1/50 chance of death.
    Yes, space is a profoundly hostile environment.

    Once we thought heaven was just above the clouds, but the moment we got up there, we discovered space.

    And as we look out into space we find it is more than we can imagine. It is so big and the speed of light is so slow, that the dream of space ships to other stars is just a dream like heaven.

    But the moment we turned the cameras around and looked back at the Earth, we discovered The Environment.

    And it is our environment and space is not.

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    There is no such thing as separation from God.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan View Post
    And it is literacy that exploded outward to conqueror and colonise, but now we are imploding with the telephone, television and internet.

    Literacy left our central nervous system on the inside, but the electronic media puts our central nervous system on the outside.

    So what was inside is now outside. You can reach out to touch me at the press of a button whereas in the literate world it would take three months for a letter to reach me.

    It will take time to explore this inner world on the outside. And it will be a confusing time as print collides with the electron.

    When we went outside, we turned the cameras around and discovered the inside.

    And we are now inside-out.

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    oooh... I haven't been to space before, so yes!

    however, I'll probably have to pack a lot of dramamine and xanax... I get motion sick AND am rather dreadfully claustrophobic

    I'd put up with that to get to see space though!
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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