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    Oppossoms and Possoms

    We don't have oppossums, YouTube - Michaela petting a baby Opposum, we have possums and they live in my roof.

    On a cold night they climb from the roof onto the top of huge Pin Oaks and then down the trunk to greet me as I return home.

    I always speak to them, and they pay me attention just as you do, my little possums.

    But I wonder if I should feed them. My father used to feed bread and jam to the possums but once they scratched him.

    I think of the possums up in the roof. It must be quite a place - a very large area and heated from below in winter - so I am sure they are snug little possums.

    They are very cute little animals, so cute that parents here are inclined to call their children, "Possum", as a pet name.

    And of course our uber mother, Dame Edna Everage, calls us all possums. And we throw gladioli at her.

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    You can feed them if you want, but after that, you will be responible if they bite anyone. Technically, feeding a stray animal makes it an unoficial pet.
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    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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    Australian possums are a protected species in their homeland. Australians think they are cute and cuddly.

    Introduced Australian posssums in NZ are rampant pests. Even animal rights activists swerve to hit them with their cars as they cross the road.

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