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    Default Fundraisers and Charities

    What are your thoughts on charities and fundraisers? Do you contribute to all of them, a select few, or abstain entirely? Do you buy the chocolates and buy into the raffles, or generally pass on them?

    Do you think there is an expectation in society that people should contribute to these? If so, do you feel this expectation is reasonable?

    Personally I always feel a bit awkward when it comes to these. I know they're usually for good causes but I get a little aggrivated at the steady stream of financial nitpicks.

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    we do fundraisers all of the time at our station but its all local and small. I think its a great thing, but when it comes to big charities I feel kinda odd about those...
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    I know if I would ever have children and send them through school, I would help them in any fundraising they needed to do and would want to support their endeavors.

    But, generally speaking, I'm not one who contributes to fundraisers or charities. If I knew the child, or happened to be really drawn to the cause, I would probably donate something (assuming it was within my budget), but you have to draw the line somewhere. There will always be many in need, so you have to decide where you want your money to go and respectfully decline on all else. I actually have no problem, and don't feel guilty, saying 'No' to most organizations seeking donations, as I have usually had a pretty fixed income and stick to my budget.
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    My favorite are the people that sit (rather comfortably, mind you) outside of grocery stores and ask for you to donate.

    I love nothing more than to smile and say "no thanks" as if they were offering me something.

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    I wholeheartedly believe in charities. And I donate as much as I can, whenever I can. I donate a significant portion of my income to about 6 organizations that I trust. And I try to donate time, whenever possible. In fact, I am in training to run a marathon right now for an organization - and yes, that involves asking for donations. (please PM me if you would like to contribute!!)

    The way I see it is that there will always be people in need, and that could easily be you one day.

    And the more we give willingly, the less the government needs to take from our pockets unwillingly. I would rather see a society supported by private donations than with state run programs.

    I have issues when children solicit for donations. That irks me.

    And a $5 donation to a friend's fundraiser isn't going to break your bank.

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