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Many of our consumerist tendencies not only come from the structure of the economy and the strategies deployed by our providers, but also by our ingrained habits as animals. We have natural hoarding tendencies that, under normal circumstances, would benefit us in times of famine and drought.
I think the hoarding tendency has gotten out of control because we failed to see that a lot of our feeling of security comes from belonging to a community. It makes sense. If you are a lone hunter gatherer, you are in a very dangerous place. Now it is a norm to raise people to be individuals.

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Either you stay a successful small mom and pop shop, or you get gobbled up by a corporation, or you keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger until you explode in global corporate form. It's really strange. There is no business model for the middle ground.
Yeah, it is ironic that this is called "free market", when it is free only for the big guys. Think about starting a small grocery store. It is impossible to compete with the supermarkets (at least here). You've lost before you even start.