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    Quote Originally Posted by raz View Post
    I had an interest in law, but then I felt like there was just a lot of bullshit social crap and doctoring of information. I can get intensely passionate about defending people's rights and maintaining equality and consistency, but the general type of people in a field can kill my interest.

    It goes for accounting too. I love math, I love numbers and systems. I could do calculations all day. However, I got a glimpse of the "do x and y 1 million times over and over again and that's your career" and I didn't want it.
    That's nice raz, now go play in traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onceuponatime View Post
    That's nice raz, now go play in traffic.
    After you, sir. But, thanks for taking the time to make a post that didn't contribute to the topic, and instead went directly to the smack talk. You, sir, have failed. But, thanks for the attention.

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    Law school is a waste of time for most people.
    At least it is, for me.
    I took the LSAT and did well on it though
    I might go to law school if I make enough money and feel a sudden urge to go back to school again for a couple years.
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    Food for thought:

    News: Hungry for Jobs - Inside Higher Ed
    If new law graduates can't find jobs, whose fault is that? Are the latest crops of new graduates just unlucky to be job-hunting in the worst economic downturn in decades? Are law schools admitting too many students without being fully open about the job market?

    These are some of the questions being raised by Ethan Haines, the name or pseudonym (he won't say which) of a blogger who announced that he started a hunger strike on Thursday to demand reforms of law schools. He wrote to 10 law schools (randomly selected from the top 100 law schools listed in the rankings of U.S. News & World Report) and asked them to commit to meet new standards of transparency on their job placement rates, and to agree to do an audit of their career counseling programs. As of Sunday, he said he had yet to receive responses from any of the law schools -- and so is rejecting food. (Several of the law schools, contacted by Inside Higher Ed, declined to comment.)
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