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    I like the whole atmosphere of Christmas, a chance to spend time with more people and to make a lot of food and buy presents for other people! (my mom is an SJ, so holidays are planned... very planned and very traditional! )

    I actually prefer giving gifts to receiving gifts though for some odd reason- I love to watch the expressions on other peoples faces when they open thier presents- and they must of course announce that I did a wonderful job of picking it out!

    I don't mind opening gifts, it's just that a lot of times people just seem to get me the wrong thing- like a lavender tank top when I HATE lavender AND look horrible in it! I guess that I like the returning of bad gifts and picking out what I really want a lot more

    so I guess I might fall somewhere in the middle?
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    People say I'm hard to buy for but I've no idea why; I've had an Amazon whislist of many pages and all price ranges for the past 8 years. Only a couple of people use it, though I've e-mailed it to most everyone I know.

    I don't really look forward to presents because I'm not a 'stuff' person. I hate clutter and possessions and am always trying to thin things down. People can rarely either afford to buy, or find, the things I actually would want, so I end up with loads of clutter that I don't really want, but have to pretend to be pleased about. My surroundings are almost completely invisible to me most of the time, and the only time I even notice an ornament is when it gets in my way. I'd rather people didn't waste their money.

    I hate the pressure on parents to get increasingly expensive things for their kids. Like when I was a kid, a bike was a major present and anything around the 30 UK pound mark (about $60 US) was also a main present. Stocking fillers were candy bars and card games, basically things under $10 US.

    Nowadays every kid expects something in the same price league as a playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii, on top of a load of 'stocking fillers' of around 20 to 70 dollars price range.

    I hate the way people totally run themselves into debt over it, and all the stress and focus on the presents and everything. It should be about God if you're religious, or if not, then about family and spending time together and appreciating each other. But it's not, it's all about money money money and stuff, stuff, stuff.

    Having said all of that however, on the day, I do like to sit around the table at a good meal and take pleasure in other people enjoying my cooking and complimenting me on it, and the happy kids' faces when they're playing with their new toys.

    I don't go all out on the presents - I keep to a strict budget and just get everyone I know a 'token' present, just a box of chocolates or something of that nature, just as a gesture that they're in the 'you mean something to me' category of my life. I save the rest for their birthday, which is their special day, and then, because there's only one of them to buy for, I can spend more and get them something really special.

    I don't visit my family for Christmas - I can see them any time, and since seeing them is stressful for me anytime, I don't want to increase the chances of a bust-up by seeing them when stress is high already before I even get there. I invite people over to my place for Christmas, other people who either haven't got family or can't visit them for some reason, people who'd otherwise be lonely and isolated and stuff, and we all cram in like sardines in my tiny appartment and get hideously drunk and play card games until the small hours. So that's good.

    And I do like to make a point of going to all the church services throughout the period and keeping it all in perspective for me, so that it really does remain about God and not the other stuff, and the other stuff I only do if, or in a way, that it actually pleases him. I like the services, the Christingle especially, and it's always heartening to see how many people, in this secular country, still make the effort to come to the Midnight Mass, so many the church is packed. And I like the Christmas morning Mass, in some ways the small number of people who bother to go to it makes it more special for the ones who do, more intimate and effective.
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    I would have to say neither unless the definition of Pan includes enjoying watching the faces of 5 year olds when they open presents.
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    Pirate. As in sailing the open seas, pillaging and all that romantic pirate stuff. Actually, I'm so pirate, I'm probably more historical than romantic.

    I hate Christmas with a passion reserved for only social mazes that involve family, friends and gift giving that involve rampant consumerism.


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    Or is Christmas just another day and a pain in the ass occasion because of all the work involved? YES.

    Do you not get excited and in fact could care less? Not really, I like getting off of work but other than that no excitement,

    Do you see it more as a waste of money or at least financial/time burden? Oh hell yes. Especially the time... what a colossal waste of time. Drive here go there for two full days of in-laws and people I talk to twice a year. Oh what joy!

    Is there not hardly anything that you would be excited to get? Thinking.... thinking... thinking.... Oh..... na not really.

    OR are you simply indifferent to it and or enjoy only vicariously through other people or children. That's me. I love watching my kids open gifts and get all excited.

    Is it a holiday just for the kiddies to you? Yes.

    Do you like Christmas and look forward to it but maintain an adult composure? Not really. I kind of dislike Christmas really.

    Does quality matter more then quantity? I've heard most women say no but I just hope I have both bases covered just in case... err... what's the question again?

    Looks like I'm a pirate...aaaaaarrrrrrrr!

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    This year, I just can't be bothered. For the first time ever, the main bits of the family are gonna celebrate X-mas together, instead of just Vortex, her parents and everyone else we'd decided to call family; a hodgepodge of friends we decided to bring in every year.

    So, no Christmas at my home means that I can't be arsed to find my decorations. Not even a table cloth or a festive teacup. Next year, perhaps. This year - I'm looking forward to it, but I'm working so much and have so many exams that I sort of approach Christmas like the sky and clouds you see out the tiny windows when you're flying - totally fluffy and pretty and unreachable.

    Right now I'm just hoping like hell that I'll manage to find the rest of the presents I need to buy in time and finish my damn Christmas cards sometime soon. I'm a disillusioned, stressed out Pan. I usually love Christmas (at least when I'm not the one spending 12 hours decorating the bloody tree )

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    Shopping for little kids is fun, because you're in a position to give them things they can't acquire on their own, and they get genuinely excited when they open them.

    The process of shopping for other adults is futile, exhausting, and obligatory. (Let's see - who haven't we crossed off the list yet. Seven people still left? Crap.) When shopping for a particular person, everything available for sale falls into 1 of 3 categories:
    (a) they already have it
    (b) they don't want it
    (c) they can't afford it
    (if it didn't fit any of these, why haven't they already bought it?)

    This leaves you with 3 options when buying them a gift:
    (a) give them something they already have
    (b) give them something they don't want
    (c) give them something you can't afford

    The same thing applies, of course, with others shopping for me.
    I'm not a procrastinator. I'm a long-term planner.

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    I'm a big 5-year-old... I love it all - the Grinch, the parties... all of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Natrushka View Post

    OMfreakingG... your cat has seduced my psyche.

    I am its servant... I will do its bidding.

    I will help it attain global domination if that be its wish.

    *can't... fight... the lure of the big gray feline...*
    *succumbing... to its seduction ray...*

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    I kind of like the tree and stuff, but a lot of Christmas is very unpleasant.
    I don't care for presents, the music makes me depressed, and the whole "meaning of Christmas" is just a distant thought compared to what's actually going on.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

    INTP. Type 1>6>5. sx/sp.
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    Probably in between. I like receiving and giving presents that're well thought out and personally made. I like spending quiet time with family, house parties with old friends of more than 20 years. Alcohol-fuelled chatting and BBQs. But I don't like the crowds about town and the mad rush. Or spending it with strangers the way I've had to do before.

    Christmas was about a birthday in the first place, but I wonder how many really sing a birthday song for the birthday baby on Christmas.

    Some of that is lost sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by raincrow007 View Post
    Neither Pan, nor Pirate.

    Instead, Xmas ninja.

    I find joy only in the act of giving something handmade to someone anonymously for the holidays.

    /me grabs a bag of coloured construction paper feathers and pounces on raincrow
    /me tar-babies raincrow, sticks rainbow feathers on
    /me steps back and admires handiwork

    There. Something handmade to someone, anonymously. *bows*

    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    People say I'm hard to buy for but I've no idea why;
    Friends do not like to buy me presents too. But I think it is not the length of my list. My requests are along the lines of "Could I have a tiny sakura tree to place by my bedside, so I could watch it go through the seasons ?" Cue. Dead silence from friend. "Why can't you just ask for a nan-cha-ku like a normal person!"

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