1: Is the forest you see light or dark?

c. I see myself in a forest at dusk or dawn

2: Did you see a path?

b. No

The Cup

1: You see a cup. What does it look like?

b. I've seen a cup that doesn't look valuable to me.

2: What do you do with it?

a. I leave it alone.

The Water

1: What does it look like?

c. A stream.

2: Is the water you see moving?

a. It is moving fast.

3: How deep is this water?

a. It is shallow.

4: You need to cross the water. How do you do it?

a. I step over, wade through or swim.

The Bear

1: What sort of bear is it?

b. I saw a real bear

2: What is the bear doing? Choose the closest option.

d. The bear has seen me, and he is looking threatening.

3: You need to move on. How do get around the bear?

b. I ignore him and walk on.

The Beach

1: How many people do you see?

d. None.

2: How far are the nearest people?

c. Way off in the distance or the beach is deserted.