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    The Irony of Perfect Teeth

    Just as the first casualty of war is truth, so the first casualty of revolution is irony.

    And this is true of the 1776 revolution as any other revolution.

    And I see the effects of this revolution every day in the backpackers who are the sons and daughters of the 1776 revolution.

    For they are as friendly and bright faced as Pollyanna herself, but completely deaf to irony.

    In my idealistic way I have tried to explain irony to them but they never get it, and just look at me blank faced, and eventually resent being told they don't get our humour, so I cease and desist.

    But of course they never forgive me, just as they never forgive me for not having perfect teeth.

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    Truly, Victor, now the world shall look back on the revelations unearthed in the "Sarcasm vs Irony" thread on TypeCentral with the awe they do the writings of Plato, Shakespeare, and the other torchbearers of human ideological evolution.

    On topic: That's sarcasm.
    Does he want a pillow for his head?

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    Irony is self-evident and straightforward. Sarcasm needs someone to point out "the obvious" - in a disengenuous way.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mycroft View Post
    Irony refers to when something achieves the opposite of its intended effect (Andy's post is a good example). In common parlance, the umbrella of the term has come to include the notion of humorous coincidence (see: Timeless's post). Pedants rue this, but meaning-creep is a feature of any living language, and the sort of irony depicted in Timeless's post really didn't have a very good word to describe it. (I'm in favor if this application.)

    Sarcasm is stating the opposite of what is believed or felt for humorous or emphatic intent. (Sarcasm is similar to the pun in that it's actually funny about 0.0001% of the time, giving nearly-false hope to would-be applicants.)

    Almost all humour is built upon irony, which in it's purest form is something behaving in a way that is not to be expected in an ordinary conversation. It's like when someone puts up an umbrella and rain comes out of it.

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    sarcasm is basically just stating the opposite of what something is and then somehow thinking that that in and of itself is a funny joke

    "Man, I sure didn't go to work today!

    Hahaha! But I actually did go to work! Let's all laugh at the thing I just said!!

    g.. guys? why am I so alone now? "

    what's even worse is that it's usually just used in a condescending manner and nerds love it

    e.g. I'm pretty sure that there's a requirement that every Slashdot post comment has to contain sarcasm, lest a mod come around and delete it

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