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    Ok... I'm terribly bored today. Warm and Mon inspired me to start a Role-playing nook. For those of you who don't know or haven't heard of Role-playing: the objective is to create a character that is uniquely your own within a preset "universe". The term "universe" denotes a given framework of fiction such as the "Star Wars" universe, "Bladerunner" universe, "Lord of the Rings" universe, obviously representing a given time and space of fiction. You may create your own universe, and it need not be different from reality. However, surreal universes are generally more intriguing.

    Customizing your character isn't simply an aesthetic or personal endeavor. It is generally more interesting to elaborate upon the background and abilities, highlighting the etiological timeline of how your character became who he/she is. You may give him/her special attributes or eccentricities to make things sound more authentic. Then again, you could go over the top and make a dual peg-leg, scurvy carrying, unicorn hybrid cyborg something rather who dashes into your room at night nude and beats you until tears pour from your armpits.

    Afterward, you can interact with other people's characters in a dynamic world of imagination. Of course, you are role-playing as your character, which may strain your creative juices if you're not adapted to such things.

    Alrighty. I've already developed a general layout in my mind.

    I want this particular universe to be reminiscent of Lord of the Rings Middle-Earth, but verging into the onset of a kind of industrial revolution. Gadgets, trinkets, and mechanized, fossil-fuel eating centurions are beginning to pock the civilized world.

    Does this sound interesting to anyone? We could incorporate typology into it. Haha.

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    yeah, I've heard of this also from Warm and Mon but I can't do it unless I'm in a bunny suit in the woods, tied to a pair of young pine saplings with someone behind me whipping me with a large bamboo rod.
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    I'm totally down, for the record. What presets did you want on the universe? Rules? Things seem to work differently depending on the RP style. for example, there were no "auto-actions" in chat-style roleplay.. (I.E. You can't 'grab someone and throw them'.. you had to say 'If the attempted grab was successful, the character threw them').. but in forums, these are sorta essential since the story line would progress too slow without them.

    I'm totally down for throwing my twins in here. Then ya'll could see Mon for what I created him to be.
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    I was on the verge of trying to put something like this together, just before I became rather inactive on the forums for a while due to work. The threads are prolly deeply buried now.

    I'm up for it!
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    I want my character to be an anthropomorphic rabbit. my weapon of choice- a spear.
    (I don't mind playing the bad guy if you want)
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    Oh, you KNOW I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tater, did you take a look at my example?
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    what rules are we using? shadowrun? savage worlds? 4E?

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