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    I've always typed as ENTP since I've been here, but I don't post as much as I used to. Perhaps one reason many "veterans" change their type is that most people who know their type have moved on to something else. Many of the ones who are unsure stay here and become "veteran" members.
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    It gets boring being the same type the whole time, so people change it for amusement.
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    Mine has always been what it is...
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    A Good Place to Begin

    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
    I suggest you continue to be you, Victor. I think you are better represented by not claiming a type.

    My desire is to know people on a deeper level, to understand who they really are, I've found MBTI is a tool that I can use to stop making presumptions that everyone views the world as I do, that they think like I do or desire the same things, in order to understand someone you need to be open to seeing them, if I didn't know that people could see things differently then I'd never be open to seeing who they truly are.

    Understanding MBTI has been a journey of sorts for me Victor, I accept that you don't like the system and see it as a detrimental thing however I have learnt a hell of a lot about myself through this process, and still am, the application of some leaves a lot to be desired but why should misuse and misunderstanding of a system condemn it when it has helped me greatly both in understanding myself and being more open to understanding others.

    And I can't offer you a path when I'm still trying to find my own.
    It's plain MBTI is a good place to start. This site is well run and tolerant. And we have new members joining every day. And as well we have a core of long term members who give stability.

    However MBTI is part of Psychometrics it is may lead to us picking up a book and Psychometrics.

    And Psychometrics is part of the Philosophy of Science and so it may lead us to pick up a book on the Philosophy of Science.

    And the Philosophy of Science is part of the History of Ideas and so may lead us to pick up a book on the History of Ideas.

    The intellectual life is very exciting and a good place to begin is MBTI.
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    Been here for a while, was brought here due to my knowledge of being an ENFP, and have NEVER doubted my type.

    In fact, the most credence I give to typological theory is the fact that I identify to a scary degree with the ENFP profile.

    I also fully understand that not everyone fits perfectly into one of the 16 archetypes, in fact, most don't.

    I happen to be an ENFP through and through.

    The end.

    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    I've been an INFP for ~12 years. Before I'd heard of MBTI, I took a test from a professor credentialed in MBTI and tested INFP. Been feelin' FiNe ever since...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curzon View Post
    I would love to see Solitary Walker change his type to INTJ. There is a INTP central thread arguing on his type.

    INTP Central
    I don't think he is an INTJ.

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