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    So I booked my consultation for my cosmetic surgery, and am pretty exceited. However, after speaking with others I am a little surprised at the social stigma when going under the knife.

    How is it any different than hair color, fake nails, or all the other shit we do to alter our natural appearance?

    What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? How do you view people who have had "work" done?

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    I would never do it my self but I see no problem with it. one difference between hair, nail, etc it that cosmetic surgery is permanent. but like I said I have no poblem with it.
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    To me, it depends what kind and what the motivations for doing it are.

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    I do view plastic surgery the same as any other cosmetic enhancement, considering the outcome. But it's also an extreme change, even if it is only a minor one. I don't view people who have had some things done in a negative way. If it's professionally and well done, in moderation and with reasonable motivation, when the person is happy with the outcome and it gives them more confidence, then by all means, go for it.

    However, there are always risks involved and I really hate to see how people have ruined their lives because it didn't turn out the way they expected at all. And people who get hooked on it, it's really so sad to see how skewed their self image must be to go to such great lengths to change something, seek perfection that only exists in their mind.

    Personally, I haven't really put much thought into such radical tweaking. I might give it some thought in the future, and I like to have that option to do so when I choose to do it. I guess, for now, I can see possibilities of improving my body in ways that are less invasive and I can be happy about it.

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    To me it's ridiculous to spend such amounts of money on cosmetic surgery. But I just can't disapprove of the concept of as much beautiful people on the world as possible.

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    I don't care whether people do it or not, but it is different than hair color, fake nails, and other things to enhance beauty. Its difference is in that you don't have to go under anesthetic, or actually have surgery and recovery time for the other things. It is similar in its end goal, but a very different route to get to said goal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    To me, it depends what kind and what the motivations for doing it are.
    That's what I pretty much think.

    Either way, I want to see a before and after picture.

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    Doesn't bother me really, unless it's clear the person has a more extensive body image problem and uses the surgery to feed that neurosis. If someone wants to have the bump in their nose smoothed out, their tummy tucked after pregnancy or a lift to combat droopage, go for it.

    Never understood the stigma against fake boobs either. They're real on the outside!

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    Normally I'd keep my opinion to myself on such a personal matter, but as long as you're asking...

    I admit that I have very negative feelings about cosmetic surgery. I feel like it's an extreme physical solution to a mental dilemma. I do separate it clearly from hair, nails and the like. The difference is that surgery is a far more extreme solution than those things. You can't really compare them. You're risking all the medical complications that go with surgery, and you're also risking a botch job. I have negative feelings about the idea of appearance being so important as to hazard these risks. I admit that if I learn someone I don't know very well has had cosmetic surgery, I naturally assume that they are more superficial. And I firmly believe that people who think the surgery is going to magically fix their self-esteem are deluded.

    Naturally there are a few caveats. The reason matters. If I know someone well, I'm more likely to understand their motivating factors. I also understand that sometimes women are pressured into it by bullying husbands or boyfriends. Finally, I do make a distinction for those born deformed or who suffer a disfiguring injury. I fully admit that I may be making a distinction of degree that may not stand up to rigorous debate. But it's just how I feel.
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    sometime down the road when almost everyone does it, men will only be attracted to those who had it done and only those who had it done will be worthy of a birth giving tap. can lifesize plastic figurines bear children?:workout:
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