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    Default Patterns and Memory

    I have heard that Alzheimer's patients tend to recognize pieces of music, even after memory lapses.

    I just stumbled upon this video about a woman who perceives color and other senses to recognize patterns.


    This makes me wonder if information retention is impacted by patterns, and more importantly - synthesized patterns between multiple smaller patterns such as rhythm, melody, sights, and smells. The more associations you make, the more you are able to integrate information to form a steadfast memory.

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    Whats teh question

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    I don't know what you mean.

    What I understand is that you wonder why patterns that are more easily recognized by judging (using senses) their quality (taste, sound tone, color, etc.) are more efficient in memory formation if you associate them with unrelated patterns.

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    Yes. It seems like when more sensory details are perceived, more patterns between them are formed. Somehow this fosters memory I think, but I want to know why. For instance, have you ever smelled a familiar smell and you were transported to the place/time you smelled it last? Sometimes people acquire tastes for certain "comfort foods" because of the memories associated with them.

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    There is a video game designer acquaintanence I know who wrote a book called "A Theory of Fun". He said every fun game revolves around pattern recognition - and, umm.. constantly introducing new ones, never being too routine (routine/repeating patterns is pretty much what defines a shitty game).

    Not sure how it applies to to this thread.. I find that his theory applies to life though. Things are rarely fun once you figure them out.

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    Every time I smell Clean and Clear deodorant I remember 6th grade Spanish class.

    When I drink apple juice I remember coming to the US on vacation as a kid (apple juice ain't common in Honduras). Same with eating cheerios with milk and super white sugar (always had corn flakes with brown sugar at home)...and new-car-smell (rented cars on vacation).

    When I think of Pringles I remember a science project I did in 6th grade and how they had MSG in them and it was bad for you.

    Zapp's chips remind me of vacation in New Orleans.

    Going to Bourbon St. always reminded me of one of the first times I went as a kid and we saw a scandalous tshirt with cartoon pics of different boob types! I remember Pear and Watermelon boobs!!!

    Mardi Gras cups remind me of my grandmother.

    The old Mardi Gras beads that you have to snap together also remind me of her and of when we'd go on vacation to the US.

    Watching episodes of Diggnation reminds me of one summer I worked on campus and we'd all watch it in the office.

    I agree with KDude when he says that things are rarely fun once you figure them out. I find people to be this way. It's hard for a lot of them to keep me interested for that reason. Most people get boring quickly. Also applies to movies. I usually call the ending in the first 20-30 minutes (which really fucking pissed me off during Avatar since it was so fucking long and overrated).

    But I digress.

    That's all I can think of for now.
    I think I'm an ISTP.

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