theres one of these fellows in my school, he always has a book in his hand. thats something you would say about someone who likes to read. but i mean it in the sense you dont see him without a book in his hand. he runs in gym while reading a book. he does workouts in cross country reading a book. he eats while reading a book. he walks in the hallways reading a book.
id like to say we are friends.. but we are mere acquaintences, we went to a film once and he chose the most terrible film. hellboy. good lord. well i complained and now he hates me. he asks me where im going to college and just to get a reaction i tell him im not going. he lifts his head like a menacing count in some old hero tale and looks down his nose at me and continues reading his book. he still humors me with a wave and a smile when passing but i know i just make him boil. :]