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    I only took the SAT once, and without a calculator.


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    Man, I bombed the SATs. Luckily I didn't need them. But yeah, I think I got like 850 total. I did really well in college though.

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    1920 on the new one. Then I went to a community college, rendering the results entirely useless.
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    Math was so low, but my writing (the one some colleges don't count yet ) was the best.

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    780 Verbal... 750 Math... 800 Writing... which would yield 2330/2400...

    BUT... I actually took the old SAT... V780-M750 so 1530/1600... I took my Writing score from the SAT-II where I scored 800/800... I consider it fair to compare the combined results, even w/ asterisk, to the new SAT.

    Having said that, I think it was lame to take out analogies... those were fun...

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    SAT's are ultimately part of the game we play to do well in the system... what it really comes down to is work ethic... no one gives a shit about your SAT score when you're working... key to making money or being at least somewhat successful in your chosen profession is put your nose to the grind and don't be spectacularly stupid (ie arrogant, sloppy, or just plain dumb)...

    And if you guys think the SATs are hard, take a look at the standardized testing requirements for students in China and India... they're brutal... test you on everything (math, english, history, physics, chemistry, biology) and you're ranked against everyone else.... it's not like taking the APs or SATIIs or Baccalaureate exams, which largely end up being optional... you either do it or you're out... I love the U.S. of A.

    P.S. I go to an Ivy and I know a lot of really mediocre students here... I mean, they exhibit all the signs of being completely unworthy of even going to a private college, let alone a so-called Ivy... I've met much more intelligent students going to CUNY and SUNY (city and university colleges in the New York system)... we just have to admit that there are quotas for legacies and wealthy kids, or kids who can't go to Ivys or other top-tier schools because of outrageous tuition fees...

    Genius will out... your genius may not lie in math, or logical reasoning... you may end up being a freaking fashion designer whose mind works at the same level as that of a top neurosurgeon... but you just happened to express yourself in a medium which doesn't command as much respect...

    I did terribly my first year in college... too much alcohol... saps the will, drains the brain... after dropping out for two years, I returned... now am doing much better...

    And here's the rub!!! Classmates from my high school who got very mediocre or, at best, unremarkable SAT scores, whom I totally outclassed in standardized exams, are doing PhDs in mechanical engineering, physics, English literature at places like Stanford and Columbia University while I still haven't graduated with a B.A.! What does THAT tell you about the f-----g SAT!

    I repeat... it's all about work ethic...
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