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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    Gimpshop? I'm looking forward to experimenting. How did you find out about it?
    I was an art major for a bit, and I got sick of spending countless hours in the graphic design lab, so I looked for open source programs that resemble PS. It's the best I've found, but can be a little complicated for new users. It's a good software to have lying around though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    We are having a going away party for a Canadian soldier who's leaving for Afghanistan and I need to make a banner on the computer. Except I don't know how. Can anyone tell me what to do?
    First, you need a computer from before 1990. Then, you need Print Shop. Add a dot matrix printer, and voila! Banner! (Well, after about 3 hours of dot matrix printing that is.)

    Print Shop Does what Photoshop Don't!
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