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    Chocolatology - Phyto....cine - argh, I have to go look up the spelling! The green girl!

    EDIT: Correct spelling - phthalocyanine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    I don't think TG is a hairdresser anymore, but she was and I believe she was quite good at it. So I would consult her first. What I mean by T advice is that she has a strong understanding of the objective principles of aesthetics, limited though they may be. For instance what colors coordinate with what other colors, the way different bone structures and facial shapes and hair textures work together and how they can be highlighted or downplayed--so, not just what she thinks looks good.

    Homeschooling - Oberon, Magic Poriferan

    Autism - Qre:us, cafe, me

    Cooking: Geoff, Delilah (she's not here much but she's so good I had to include her)

    Audio equipment/music production: phobik
    Why Thanks Youse! And I believe Tg is back at the cutting of hair and watnot

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    you should have put sex or booze on there and given some of us a chance
    LMAO... WIN!!!!!

    I love this thread!

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