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    Hu HA!

    Well then, then

    THE Eye Candy Squad HAS arrived!!!

    Whoever said type C wasn’t full of adventure didn’t know their Eye Candy from their Eye Candy Squad!

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    I am a bit reluctant to post the rest of it in case its in bad taste. I was gonna do snippets but what the hay...boredom.

    Synapse: hay hay now who said anything about ME not being teh secret alpha male.
    MacGuffin: You f**king FRUIT!
    Synapse: Whose the MAN!
    *points at self*
    Marduk: Quit it, can’t you see I’m concentrating.
    Synapse: hehe with those love handles who’s gonna miss!
    MacG: I swear, just one more word.
    Marduk: I can’t wait to meet my missus.
    Synapse: Wait, you + missues, get the F out of here since when?
    Marduk: Yes…yes I do and she’s pregos, squee!
    MacG: Yep its true, the sonogram don’t lie, we’re rooting for you buddy…
    Synapse: Are you sure, by the flap your carrying I could have sworn your carrying twins…
    Marduk: hahah your funny, quick somebody give me stitches, I’m L_aughing so HARD! Now say that again with impunity…collateral damage much!
    Synapse: Aww come on, who did you give the spawn to? I hope its got nothing to do with the spawning machine over there, I would hate to think what mass produced Marduk clones could do, shudders!
    Marduk: You’re about to find out buddy. That’s what we are here for, you know moral support.
    MacG: Wait, I thought we were here to pick up, like DUDE, why the f**k am I dressed like this!
    Synapse: Like the hell, let me know if anything interesting happens, I’m outta here!
    *starts sipping Lift*
    MacG: This better be good damn it!
    Marduk: Oh it will be, oh it will be. Synapse is just a cynic!

    As they look at the Gymnasium MacG responds.
    WOW you weren’t kidding, this place is HUGE!

    Marduk: Yeah I know, you should see who’s inside.

    Marduk: Aramis babe, like wow, would you like do the honors.
    MacG is startled, like whoah! Cleavage and pretty, ffsake why on gods earth did you spawn with Marduk!
    Aramis: Whatever do you mean lovely?
    MacG: YOU know…Marduk. He’s like um, how do I put this MARDUK!
    Aramis: Know what.
    MacG: Um nvm you’ll find out. Haha hay Domino fancy meeting you here.
    Domino: One track mind I see…
    MacG: Whatever the earth do you mean? You look…radiant.
    Domino: Now hand over all your cupcakes or your going to get zapped with my laser death ray called impulse.
    MacG: What, what now! I know your bum is radiant but CARE!
    Domino: Cupcakes or it didn’t happen!!!
    MacG: What are you talking about, I don’t HAVE any cupcakes…although your cupcakes look nice.
    *turns around sideways for maximum cupcake velocity*
    Cafe: smacko, smackedly smakulah in your face. Ah your welcome!
    MacG: WHAT, I’m paying here a complement geez!
    Aramis: Um anyway, say hunny bun whats with the eye candy squad outfit?
    Marduk: What’s with the…Aramis…
    Aramis: …
    Marduk: to cheer them on, you know, its like Typology central Gymnastics final!
    Cafe: Yes that’s right, I’m totally excited to see the cream of the crop, the bunion in the tofu, the crack in the diamond, the squeak in the glass, the shish kabob on a stick, the yay, shsh I hear an announcement.


    Ahem. ATTENTION. Would all participants make their way to the front lobby, thank you that is all!



    The protestors outside the gymnasium were in opposition to hamburgers.
    What do we WANT!
    When do we want it!
    *they chanted.*
    Save the cows…remember kiddie winkies for every cow you eat is like a little deposit box into mad cow disease. Remember those Prion proteins that harmlessly float around your intestines as you eje…um I mean as you eat those mouthwatering, deliciously unnourishingly sexeh hamburger meat buns. Think of all the water and paper you’ll save.

    Mmmm BUNS!

    Slight Interlude

    At this years gym competition vote with your heart not with your mind!
    VOTE 1!
    *I could name the eye candy, I really could but where would the fun be in that!*
    A GYM, AH GYM, A gym COMP is a waiting.

    Thank you for these announcements!
    Proudly brought to you by, NOT COCA COLA.

    Back to the main event, erh sort of!

    Fluffy: so you know there I was minding my own business and…
    Fierypheonix: Hi there, how are you doing?
    Fluffy: ah good thanks. How about yourself?
    Fiery: you know doing random things like saving the universe, collecting data on my next business venture, you?
    Fluffy: ANIMAL!
    Fiery: Well Ex_cuse the f**k out of me, WHAT did you just call ME!
    Fluffy: ANIMAL, ANIMAL!
    Fiery: I think somebody just scored themselves a death wish!
    Fluffy: No, ah, wait…ANIMAL…Yaaah stop messing with me.
    Fluffy: I can’t help it, its um my animal, you know THE ANIMAL!
    Fiery: NO…why don’t you flipping fill me in on this ANIMAL business before YOU become a corpse!
    Fluffy: I…I can’t…runs the hell out of there as fast as his humanly legs could carry him. xD
    Fiery: I C.

    Group shot.

    Prplchkn: OH_Ka_y, so ah why am I dressed as a penguin again?
    Magic P: Because, the leprechaun costume was already taken, well duh huh!
    Prplchkn: why, WHY do I have D@V3s costume WHY, when I could have picked something really, really cool like necrophilia Britney or something you know, something more my style?
    Jeffster: quit complaining, this isn’t your narrative, if this was your narrative then you could go f**king nuts and say whatever the F**k you wanted without getting censored like this. I’m not complaining or nothing but yeah this S**t kind of blows I have to say. I really don’t have an eye patch fetish either.
    Magic P: wait a minute…Jeffster…did you just hear yourself?
    Jeffester: Yes…what of it?
    Magic P: I mean you were cool.
    Prplchkn: Fat lot this gymnastic convention turned out to be, Jeffester steals my lines, I’m dressed as a friggin penguin and I haven’t said a swear word yet…this stuff is killing me! Yaaaah narrative did it again. What are you doing to me buddy. MY A@@ is itching to swear. NOoooooo, YOU…!
    Jeffester: I think that this is a hoax conspiracy and we are in some kind of sick f**king perverted dream of the host nation come down from the seven skies of Oberon. I don’t know about you but I feel much too brainy for this conversation and I have no idea what I actually saying but I F**king LIKE IT! Besides you know your seeing a side of me that you normally wouldn’t really see…like at all! So go with it, I personally like my character. He’s got a bit of a rocking style, you know like a bit of gruffness with the makeshift beard and hat and a whole lot of eye patch brilliance like the hell you’d understand what it means to actually say Shit!
    Prplchkn: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, WHY are you getting the best lines and allowed to swear, swear! I swear!
    Magic P: Come on Prpl, quit scowling its unlady like…think of the children!
    Prplchkn: WTF, WTF, just WTF! THAT FELT FAR OUT FIDDLY GOODLY, Nooo’s, again, almost but not quite liberal in my ability to corner the swearing market, you are one sic, hic!
    Jeffester: The world I believe your looking for is Bastard right?
    Prplchkn: Hic, hic, hic, hic…uppity up and away!
    Magic P: Yes I think by the permutations in her hiccups and the consistent sway to her breathing that is ex_actly what she is refereeing to. Well anyway lets get going bfor we miss the show entirely.

    Salt n Pepper: ahhh Omgosh, DIES!
    Silently Honest: I don’t get it!
    Thursday: Me neither!
    Silently: Say Salty what’s with the orgasmic expression?
    SaltnPepper: Look it’s the first competitor, he’s so dreamy!
    Thursday: huh, for a second there I swear she…nah!

    *the intercom buzzes into action*


    The line up has been decided the first entrant is…HALLA, VOTE 1!

    Silently Honest: WTF, this contest is over, OVER I tells ya!
    Thursday: like GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!
    SaltnPepper: Yeah I know right! Look at all that muscle. Sparkly eyed!

    Wait, wait we can’t show you HALLA’s curves because lets face it your eyes would probably combust from all that beefiness, but what we can do is show you his competition.

    Next we have Biaxident for the WIN! VOTE 2, vote now.

    *as the show progresses yes you too will see them in rippifying spankifying, stupendifying grace*

    VOTE now for your favorites.

    Next up we have SillySapienne, VOTE Sapienne, VOTE 3!

    Next there is DiscoBiscuit, VOTE Disco, VOTE 4!

    Introducing contestant number 5, ZOMG JENNIFER, VOTE Jennifer, VOTE 5, VOTE now by the powers of madmin authority vested in me, now!

    *speakers blurp*

    Due to unforeseen circumstance contestant number 6 has been disqualified.

    Boooh, the crowd hisses, who the crap is contestant number 6 and what did he do.

    Stay tuned.

    Oh_kay so this isn’t exactly like your normal everyday run off the mill GYMnastics now is it!

    Oh no, its called GAUNTLET GYMNASTICS. For extra heavy duty durability you need the toughness to get through it!


    And well its seems contestant number 6 was wearing armour and it didn’t count as per qualification specs like so, this contestant shall be anonymous.

    So just for the record so that the rest of the constants know, skin or it didn’t happen!
    While certainly the gauntlet gymnastics is a dangerous place and heavy duty frontage is required with pads, lots of lifting and bending and squatting and the like. The rules clearly stipulate NO mechanoid suits and cybernetic enhancements!

    Where were we?

    Moving right along we have MITZY, contestant number 7. VOTE 7.

    Looks like we have a few more late entrants, its seems undeniable that contestant number 8 tries really hard. CURZON, VOTE 8.

    Im_pressive contestant number 9 KYUUEI, was surely a candidate for this years contest. VOTE 9.

    I don't know whether this is cheating but it looks like PEGUY during his army training days has decided to participate. VOTE 10.

    The referee is none other than our very own Trinity the intergalactic resident of a far far away planetary system to yours. Give it up to Trinity, Yay. The hostess with the mostest!

    And what's the prize at the end of all this

    Why it's a mysterious red orb that enhances your telekinetic powers, a must for any enthusiast with a bronze frog trophy that shall be uniquely carved from the finest non ivory and metal compounds that there are.

    And of course the opposition to this fiendishly friendly gymnastic like gladiatorial debut is none other than…

    Lets give a warm welcome to.

    Babylon Candle


    Let the MADNESS BEGIN...

    I ran out of before.
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    And Saint Kat is just minding her own business because no one includes her in any storylines.
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
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