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    I'll slather any old moisturizer that doesn't go in the car or the kitchen on my face with no bad results... as long as I don't use soap on it, my face remains happy...

    same with sunscreen- though I DO wear sunscreen whenever I can for fear of wrinkles :horor:

    sorry- I'm not of much help there
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    His website is a mess, but I like the products from Improve Your Skin with Copper-Peptide Non Surgical Skin Tightening System: Hydroxy Acids and Copper-Peptides. I use his cleanser, his 10% AHA serum, and his SuperCop copper peptide serum. You would want to add a moisturizer. The products seem to last forever.

    For foundation, I like Avon Magix primer followed by Aromaleigh Glissade minerals. Aromaleigh has so many shades that it's hard to believe you wouldn't find something you liked -- and of course you can mix them. Aromaleigh Pure Mineral Makeup | Natural Mineral Cosmetics That primer plus the Glissade formulation of mineral makeup does not settle into lines or highlight flakiness. You can also mix it with a little moisturizer, too, to make your own tinted moisturizer, and use a little more on a foundation brush in the areas where you are red.

    Have you ever done any peels? Have you seen a dermatologist about your miasma? Sometimes it's worth going to one consultation anyway.

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    Hey Marm - I use Loreal's True Match stuff too - it's about the closest I've found but still makes me just a shade chalky and the next darker one is too dark.

    Cover Girl's lightest shade is slightly too light and the next one is slightly too dark.

    Rimmel is just slightly orange and Annabelle is a little off as well so that if you don't blend very very carefully, it looks really bad. Rimmel's stick concealer is great for colour.

    Maybelline is kind of yellow, although their mineral concealer is good.
    Thanks for the recommendations. I will check out that website, Tiltyred. In Canada it is very difficult to get to see a specialist unless there is something really wrong with you and there is quite a long wait. Even seeing a GP is tough a lot of the time. I'd be thrilled to get to see a derm. There are so many different kinds of mineral makeup and it is hard to tell based on a website what they will be like.

    Thanks for your recommendations, all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    I didn't use sunscreen when I was a kid or in my earlier 20s. My skin is beginning to show little lines and I am concerned it will end up looking like my Grandma and my aunts' so am doing what I can to take care of it now. I have a moisturizer with retinol and antioxident serum and alpha-hydroxy gel to exfoliate.
    I think NIA24 would be perfect for you because the whole line of products is about undoing damage. Not sure if it is available in your location, though.

    If your skin is not oily, and you would like a natural looking foundation with luminosity, you might want to look at Diorskin Nude to see if they have a shade that matches. Its supposed to be 100% mineral pigments - but it is a liquid.

    edit: these are high-end cosmetics, sorry, I didn't know if you were in a specific price range.
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