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    Most people seem to be too apathetic to be dangerous. I also believe there is more good than bad, whatever you will define that as. Most dangers are accidental or natural.

    I don't open up to strangers or pay them any interest (I don't even know my neighbors) but I wouldn't abandon them if they needed help. As far as being friendly to everyone, it's pretty easy. But legitimate care is in short supply and not everyone gets that treat. I don't expect it in return either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloud View Post
    If we are alientated and distrust each other, how can we hope to survive as a species?
    It's the remnants of an evolutionary survival mechanism. Without it, I doubt we'd have made it this far. Fear has always been the instinct that spurred us to make sure something didn't eat us etc.

    All in all, I wouldn't say that the world is a dangerous place, so much as it has its fair share of dangers that are reasonably avoidable.

    I don't mind talking to strangers if they are courteous or I'm not trying to focus on something. That is, initially, how you make friends right? Trusting them with my wallet or something of value to me, on the other hand, is a different story. It's not about distrusting the mass of people, so much as it is not taking unnecessary, silly risks.
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    I don't fear most people as I'm a fairly large guy who doesn't wear obvious signs of wealth. So there's little reason to rob me and surely there are easier targets upon whch to inflict verbal or bodily harm. At worst, strangers will annoy me.

    99% of people that come up to me want something I don't care to give though. Usually money via begging, or several minutes of my time via surveying. Very rarely does someone want something simple like the time, or mutually enjoyable like a random discussion. So by default I distance myself and don't really care to communicate with others.

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    You're from Winnipeg? I never knew that! I was just there for a week.

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