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    Default women who love makeup (and men, too!)

    ladies & queens, hello!
    i'm a 20sth student and quite vain. i take care of my appearance (face, body, hair, style, etc) and i don't feel quite "myself" unless i have the "slinky eye" look going on. i like to emphasize my dark eyes, even during the day in a casual university setting. wearing makeup improves my work ethic, confidence, output, and general sociability. yes, i would say - yes, it does "make up" a part of my identity, despite the condemnations of the beauty industry and cosmetic alterations.

    what are your thoughts about makeup? i know some women reject it intentionally to promote the "there's nothing about me i wish to enhance - i am perfect as is." but i think the reality is in a corporate setting and in interactions in general, one gets treated better if one is at least marginally aware of standards of attractiveness and hygiene. do you wear makeup? if yes, are you unconventional about it? do you go au natural or do the "natural look"? tell me about yourself and your relationship to the cosmetic industry.

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    If ever I wear make-up, I make sure it's the kind that's made with whale parts and tested on camels.

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    I like my mascara and eyeliner... they accentuate my best feature (and hide the fact that I have pathetic eyelashes )

    otherwise, I don't wear much makeup- I have a really nice natural complexion and makeup just makes it look worse
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    This takes me back. There was a topic like this before. It was one of the first on this forum that I participated in at length.

    My answer has not changed. I don't like cosmetics. If it's really a social necessity, then I guess you have to do what you have to do, but I'd prefer that it be absent whenever possible.
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    I'm no southern belle, but I don't leave the house without my face on.

    I like being ready to go on adventures and see familiar faces at any given moment, which means leaving the house looking and feeling ready to take on the world.

    The cool thing is that people don't always know I'm wearing makeup.

    P.S. I didn't know how to put on makeup till I was 20 years old. All attempts before were fails.

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    Hmm.. I'm a "no" voter on make-up. I go by functionality of my appearance.. so 99% of the time the function is: Live life comfortably and easily.. my wardrobe reflects that entirely.

    But, on the off chance I do feel like getting dressed up and looking nice, I will occasionally attempt to smear something across my face and pray I don't look like a clown. I'm not good at applying it, and I'm not good at not poking at my face once it's on.

    But. I couldn't care less if other people wear it or not. If you like it, go for it.
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    I like makeup, but generally just to look a little bit better than I normally would - more even skin tone (I have really transparent skin that shows blood vessels), a little mascara, something that makes my eyebrows look more balanced and some lip gloss or fairly natural coloured lipstick. I am a sucker for buying new makeup though without using up the old stuff. I like trying out new things.

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    Makeup's okay. But on a regular basis, I wear hardly any. Mascara, concealer for my crazy undereye circles, maybe powder. That's it. If I put on a full "face" I feel like I look really strange...not like myself at all. I don't have anything against makeup, I just can't figure out my own personal style or whatever.

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    I can't say if I really like makeup or not. The only moments I had to wear some was each time I had to participate in TV-shows, especially before an interview.
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    For a time when I was a teenager, I wouldn't be caught dead without the full works. Then at seventeen I realized I didn't have to do it.

    Now I use mascara and eyeliner and lipstick some times. Most days no make up. I can't stand full face make up, I just hate the feel of it like my skin cannot breathe. I am extremely pale so I probably could use it, I just can't bear it.

    I really resent spending money on make up.

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