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    I wonder why people don't notice that the U.S. audience *and* Jeff Foxworthy are laughing at her.. knowing clearly that saying Europe is a country is ridiculous. I can believe that Americans have a tendency to be insular (we don't all have the opportunity to travel much, everything is far away and expensive to get to), but it's not everybody. I'm pretty sure you'd get some damn ignorant responses if I pulled some chav out of London, a cosmopolitan city, and asked him some school book questions. But, Brits don't don't seem to want to claim them as real Brits. It's all marketing and image.

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    Hollywood regularly confuses Dutch with German. (Saying they are speaking dutch whilst saying german words.)

    I mean, I can sorta get it though.

    German in the German language is Deutsch.
    Dutch in the Dutch language is Nederlands.

    I don't know who decided to translate the name of the language of The Netherlands into English and named it Dutch, but I think it might have gone wrong there.
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