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    Default How long do you keep cards?

    When someone sends you Christmas cards, birthday cards, congratulation cards, etc. how long do you keep them?

    I usually read them, smile, then promptly throw them in the trash. What are you supposed to do with them beyond that?
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    I use them as bookmarks... mostly because I tend to grab things off of the counter to stick in books
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    From the GF, I've kept every single one in a shoe box.

    From other people, shake for money and toss! Is there a rule for this? Do they have to be displayed for a certain amount of time? I remember this being an issue in Seinfeld.

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    I keep them for a few weeks then toss em.

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    I save Christmas cards that I like and I use them to decorate with in the years that follow.

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    I keep cards for a few weeks, then into the trash they go. Unless they were very meaningful or pretty, then I save them... Why, I have no idea.
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    First of all, I let them lay around and collect dust for about a few weeks after Christmas or other occasions and then I stuff them somewhere I can't see them. Doing that somehow relieves the guilt of having no desire to keep them. When I manage to discover them during one of my cleaning frenzies, I throw them out.

    Ooh...maybe some ritualistic burning might be fun instead of just throwing them out. Thanks for the cards, I loved them and now it's time for them to go up in smokes...the nice feeling remains but there's no need for physical evidence.

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    I toss most of them out... but I actually have a designated large envelope/bag I used to save special cards and letters in. If it makes the cut for some reason, it goes in there.

    Otherwise I've started throwing out stuff I'm not going to keep pretty quickly nowadays because otherwise it just clutters up my life.
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    suonds like something seinfeld would do a show about

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    I keep them for at least a month, but i tend to forget about them so that month can last years. If they are pretty (especially glittery) i'll hang onto them longer.
    They don't really serve much purpose, but some of my Mom's pack-rat tendencies rubbed off on me a little.
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