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Thread: Barbie Torture

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post

    And have you guys seen those BRATZ dolls? Dear lord, I wouldn't mind if someone burned those. Just to get them off the shelves. At least Barbie tries to be President or a doctor beauty queen horse riding single mom. I don't think any mom wants their daughter to grow up to be a tarty neck poppin cel phone squawkin shopping obsessed slut.

    I'm not a rulesy mama but those things are verboten! (Not sure what I'd do if she got one as a gift, besides thank the giver of course.)
    The one who buggers a fire burns his penis
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I've heard that serial killers have a history of:
    1. Pyromania
    2. Bed wetting
    3. Animal killing
    4. Barbie mutilation

    (It's true -- I read it online somewhere!)
    Mi'lady. For some reason your post had me wondering, since barbies are not found in all cultures but serial killers are, so point 4 would not make sense as a warning sign. Also, shouldn't we then see more female serial killers than males, or at least even-sex purchasing of the dolls vs domain of girly gifts?

    Cue some research and in short:

    "Some serial killers display one or more of what are known as the "MacDonald triad" of warning signs in childhood. These are:

    • Fire starting, or arson
    • Cruelty to animals (related to "zoosadism").
    • Bed wetting beyond the age when children normally grow out of such behavior

    No barbie officially on the triad. Girls do have a history of mutilating dolls, but I couldn't find any conclusive studies on that with serial killing.

    Moral: Never believe what you read on the Internet, or on MBTI central.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Shit. I have two and a half of those! (I didn't kill animals, and I played with fire, but I wouldn't call it pyromania exactly.)
    yeah I think every kid did that. My best friend and I started my carpet on fire.

    I played with barbies when I was little but I didn't begin mutilating them when I outgrew them and I don't remember being embarrassed. I just started ignoring them and then gave my stuff to a younger cousin.
    I don't wanna!

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    I liked Barbie because she was pretty and had great clothes and I could control her. Also, she was expensive (for us), and I only had one so I had to take care of her. I pretended she was real and invested her with human emotions. I washed & curled her hair and tried to take good care of her. I never saw her as a role model, although for a while I was a bit confused about whether boobs were supposed to be hard like hers.

    When I was 10 or so, I lost her in the creek behind the house. She floated downstream before I could catch her. The thought of poor Barbie drowning in the muddy creek was too much to bear. I tore through the bushes along the bank, losing a flip-flop among the briars and choking back sobs.

    Just before the creek ducked under the road and into the woods again, I found her--her pretty little Barbie feet sticking up above the swirling brown water. The current held her against a pillar that supported the bridge. But how could I get to her? The creek was wide at that point, and looked deep; I wasn't a strong swimmer. I only hesitated a moment. I couldn't abandon those poor, pretty little feet, toes pointed elegantly for her perfect-heeled shoes. I waded out into the water, my eyes fixed on Barbie, terrified she would shift off the pillar and be washed downstream. The current was strong and the water rose to my chest, but it didn't go over my head. In a few moments, Barbie was back in my posession again.

    I did have to remove her head to get all the creek water out. It was a serious but necessary operation for her own good.

    After all that, I can't imagine ever intentionally damaging her.

    When I grew too old for Barbie, I dressed her in her best clothes, fixed her hair, and put her away in her special Barbie box. It was a solemn ceremony, during which I reassured myself that Barbie would enjoy resting in her box and tried not to feel sad about growing older.

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    I occasionally dissected her out of curiosity, but could usually put her back together again.

    In one of our daily Plastic Army Men Battles, my best friend and I encountered Barbie on the battlefield. Because of scale, she was seen as a huge blonde Amazon, and promptly mortared into oblivion.
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