oh! me! me!

let's see, I have:
  • a monitor! wowzers!

  • umm... a bottle of pink grapefruit lotion mmmm

  • a broken cassette deck, need to fix it someday!
  • some scraps of paper, full of the answers to lyfe's mysteries! (if you're reeeeaaaaallllllyyyy nice I might share them with you ; )

10-11 random screws of all SHapEs and siZEZ!
  • my keys--what wonders they unlock, who knows!?
  • toenail clippers!

  • an orange folder with journal entries from last semester :o
  • a free! unsharpened pencil brought to you by the Spanish US Navy recruitment force!
  • a used spoon, but licked shiny clean ; )
  • some bangin' Golden Peach 'Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water Beverage' @ 33.8 Ozzzzz for 50 cents each!

  • a HP F380 printer/scanner/copier

  • a phone! with network services! for free!

a burned CD I found in another CD case a few days ago by this group called Abfarhrt Hinwil--pretty good : )
  • a picture of my younger sister with Santa

  • a small green bunny with clip-on arms given to me by the Easter Bunny this year : )
  • a USB keyboard

an old starwars mousepad from 1997
  • an optical mouse! blue and shiny Logitech!

an external WD 250GB USB harddrive for all your necessary backup purposes : )
  • two speakers for the ULTIMATE IN SURROUND SOUND

  • one DVD of Deep Fritz 10 multi-proc version : )
  • one DVD+RW of hikaru no go eps 1-24

some more paper!

another folder! (black this time)
  • dust

lastly, oh wait! two more things
  • one small pocket knife for your daily multi-purpose use

  • 3 pieces of joke teeth

I hope you've enjoyed this indepth exploration into the daily desk life of logan's universe, please visit us again next week where we reveal the secrets of logan's myysttteeerriiouuus bookshelf!