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    Not really, at least in terms of going out to bars and stuff like that on a regular basis, but I prefer to have people around me, even if I'm not talking to them. I like to know the option is there or something, maybe (?)

    I think it's a result of growing up with 7 other people under the same roof.
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    I am introvert by nature. I don't like much gatherings and crowd. I take time to socialise with people other than my family but once i get mix with others than i realise how much social i am.

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    I am perhaps the most socially active person I have ever known.

    Because the formative years of my life were devoted to traversing new locales (countries, ststes, cities, etc.) every two years from age 5 to age 15, I know no strangers.

    Drop me in the middle of a crowd of any magnitude, and give me an objective, and I will accomplish it in awe-inspiring speed, most of the time fulfilling random needs of my own in the process, and always leaving the crowd in a better state than before I left it.

    To me (and my kind) people, whether individually or in groups, are not obstacles, but opportunities. It is because I have a genuine interest in them and their M.O at a given point in time, in addition to my ability to identify with almost everyone at some basic human level, that I go from small talk, to strategic negotiations, maybe a quick tango in betwenn the two, and then close the deal with a toast before parting on separate ways.

    In all honesty I scare myself a little in this regard, but I know it is one of my greatest natural strengths, and must submit that I will wield such capability in a manner that retains balance in the overall greater good, as well as my own thrillseeking or objective based pursuits.

    Onward and upward, lead, follow, or get the fuck out of my way. I'm here to have a great time and get shit done, and that's final.
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