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    I have experienced the exact situation of the "idea squirrel" many times. Great strip: Dilbert comic strip for 10/19/2008 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.
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    Good question. Thankfully as a freelance teacher, you are very rarely in the situation where your boss steals your ideas. In fact, you play a large role in ensuring the success of any client who wants to improve his/her English.

    More often than not, I'm in the opposite situation - someone thanks me for teaching them, and I have to give THEM a lot of the credit because they work together WITH me. Essentially, I just educe what is already present - I activate potential; I engender enthusiasm for 'my' subject.

    As we grow together, development ensues. I learn about their lives, their thoughts, their ideas, their ways, their feelings; they learn English. So it's a partnership. Often, I have to indicate and praise them for their vital role in the process because you can be a great a teacher as there ever was: If they don't work with you, forget it, Jack.

    However, I have had situations where I wasn't a teacher (or outside of work) where my ideas were stolen. Trust me, I was not a happy camper.

    a. It's wrong on principle.
    b. It's wrong if you cannot reap the benefits of your own work (extra money, recognition, etc.)
    c. It's wrong if people always think you are the little peon (then you will not advance in your career).
    d. It's wrong if you cannot fight against it because you depend on the job so much.

    In addition, I'd like to add my level of anger greatly depends on:

    1. How much time, effort, energy, and heart I put into something and
    2. How important it is to me.

    One of the reason I love my job is the responsibility is solely on me. I often do projects alone, even ones outside the teaching field, so success or failure often depends on my preparation, hard work, and ideas.

    So I don't have to kick any asses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post
    Are you fine when someone else gets credit from something you did? Does it bother you or irritate you? What would you do if it happened?
    When that happens, I take credit back. It doesn't happen too often, and always about menial crap anyways, but so far it's always worked.

    I find that the typical credit stealing behaviour that is so profound in hollywood movies, usually stays in hollywood movies. :P
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    Yeah, that happens. Unless that means I get less money, I don't care. I've even had professor steal my ideas, I somewhat pitied them, couldn't really get angry. I have so many awesome ideas, it's probably better if some of them are stolen, I wouldn't be able to materialize them all anyway.
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    Depends on the situation. If it's something that I should need recognition for, it not only bothers me, but I rectify the situation as best I can right then and there. (Injustice I can think of right away to describe this: Grandma's Boy when he got his game stolen.)

    When it is just a group of things where the collaborative ideas will still reflect well on me, I don't care at all. (Example: 'We thought of the idea of blahblahblah' instead of 'Kyuuei did x, y, and z, and we decided that rocked.')

    I really hate it when people take credit when it's not due. I announce openly everytime I do something that isn't my original work (even down to "Omg that was funny!!" 'Thanks, but I totally got it from XYZ movie.') and although I'm not the sort that boasts my ideas and work, I would like for people to not take any credit for it all the same.

    I think it helps that I don't often get ideas or work that ends up being very 'credit'worthy, so it's sad to think the few times I do end up with it that it's potentially taken away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post
    Are you fine when someone else gets credit from something you did? Does it bother you or irritate you? What would you do if it happened?
    First you have to be able to prove they actually stole your idea knowingly or not. It's amazing how many times similar or the same idea is thought of independently by different people around the same time.

    It bothers me just as much when people think they thought of something "first" when they actually didn't. I don't need help being creative.

    But, as far as getting credit for *work done*, yes it pisses me off a lot. I think I'm too ego-driven to let this fly, but I do remember this happened to me once in class. I had returned to school after getting my BA to do some 'career exploration' etc. etc. and I was part of this lame final project for my film production class. I call it lame because it was one of those really poorly done completely unprofessional "bunch of teenaged dudes getting together to shoot a funny skit" things x 3 and I was way past that life stage x 3

    One of the students in our group never showed up for our shoot. And long story short, while we were giving our final presentation in front of the class, he ended up taking credit not just for participating at all in the project but he also took credit for the lighting or something else which I had done. I think *originally* he might have been slated to do it, but since he didn't show up I did it. Actually, we all split the work pretty equally. The reason I didn't say anything is that the teacher was going to fail him if he didn't join a group and he was an international student, he had come all the way from Northern Europe just to attend classes there (didn't make sense to me at the time but ) Whereas I wasn't even trying to get a certificate and I had a second *technically* "professional" final project I had also worked on for the class .

    A classmate told me later I could've talked to the professor privately but that would have still involved outing the student or else lying outright as opposed to lying by silent complicity or omission.

    In retrospect I would have just rolled with it in front of the class and 'corrected' the student casually. Hindsight is 20/20!

    And I can't believe I got a freaking "B" in that class, that pisses me off. I know that whole lame film project played into the lower grade. It's probably the only grade (ok, one of two) that I'm still sore about. Actually, bah, reminding me of that project and class aggravates me. Ha, I guess I'm ready for LA! LOL.
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    Sure, but I don't go George Costanza or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    Success has a thousand fathers.
    Failure is an orphan.

    A man that takes credit for another's ideas is a thief, whether the perpetrator is the supervisor of the intelligent party, or not. People get sued over the theft of ideas all the time, it's called intellectual property rights. Plagiarism is an act of cowardice and poor character.
    I find its widespread, the cowardice and poor character I mean, my organisation, which I think is generally not that untypical, has a lot of people who try to engineer situations in which they will take credit for any success but disown any failures.

    Its not simply ideas, success goes unnoticed a lot of the time too because its the crisis and failures which are investigated, accountability being mandated in the wake of them.

    It could be really good practice which has followed from a better understanding of policies, programmes and training than superiors possess, sometimes it can be a simple matter of interpersonal or communication skills, like when a team leader doesnt appear to command as much authority or respect as members of the team do from their colleagues.

    I agree with you that anyone taking credit is a thief but to be honest I take some consolation from that fact that at some level they must know what is happening and if they manage to get by telling themselves they are cunning and clever this is small comfort and unsustainable, periodically the undeniable truth will break upon them like waves on a beach.
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    Most of what I do, the point is to get it done.

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    Most of the time nobody dares to try and take credit for my work out of probable suspicion that I will do something sneaky to them if they do

    I have had bosses who enjoyed taking credit for my innovations though- this tended to backfire because I've always had a quirky way of typing up work related documents that's distinctive enough that everyone always knew who wrote it anyway
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