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    Default Uncontrollable urge to laugh at my own jokes.

    Anyone else with this problem? Or am I just that funny?

    Seriously, it annoys me, always happens specifically on my really good jokes. The ones that blurt out so fast I haven't had the time to analyze and prepare properly for it, and the joke hits me, as if someone else has said it. My as I start to uncontrollably laugh, when trying not too laugh, because laughing at your own jokes looks silly. I still can't prevent myself from not laughing!

    If possible, need help.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    I do,except I usually donít say the joke out loud and people are like, WTF are you laughing about?

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    Yeah, I have the same "problem". I don't think I'm that funny but as I dearly love to laugh and just about anything makes me laugh, I just enjoy it and endure the embarrassment/annoyance it may bring.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    Or am I just that funny?
    Not necessarily that funny. I think it's because you can "connect the dots" in an instant in your mind and you can intuitively get the subtle nuances of your jokes that takes some time for others to get through.

    The only cure I can think at the moment is beheading, so...I just keep on laughing.

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    Happens to me but with my terribly bad jokes

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    I have that problem. Deeply.
    I'm just so funny that I laugh as I'm throwing my joke out...which confuses everyone and kills the presentation.

    Oh well, at least I thought it was funny
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    lol..I've got that problem! I'm dying laughing long before I've gotten half of the joke out, and people are usually laughing with me(or at me??) long before they understand what I'm trying to say.
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    I say just go with it.

    I laugh pretty much all the time, so my own jokes are no exception. Plus, my theory is...laughter is contagious, so if you laugh at your own jokes maybe other people will, too.

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    I do . I find myself quite funny anyway. Not everyone gets the joke though, not without breaking it down for those that can't follow properly, so I'm usually saying things like "Well, at least I crack myself up" or "jesus your slow".
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    I always laugh at my own jokes, except when I think that my joke wasn't funny. That used to be a huge problem when I was little, because laughing at your own jokes was inappropriate, so I always had to make bad jokes. That got boring. Nowadays I make any joke I want and laugh at it whether others like it or not.
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    uh no...
    it's controllable.

    most people laugh at their own jokes because when they make vulgar jokes, they want everyone around to be sure that they're not serious.

    these are the times where i never laugh. it's not funny to me unless everyone else is either sickened, frightened or puzzled by my supposed seriousness.

    the rest of the time i think i laugh.

    but on second thought, a good portion of my style of humor relies on subtlety and the whole tongue-in-cheek thing [i.e. asking the waiter at j. gilberts if they have yoohoo or, later demanding that he put my scallops back in the microwave]. that kind of shit is cheapened by my laughter. i have to have the stone face so everyone else can laugh.

    it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. however i pretty much laugh my tits off at myself once i get home.
    we fukin won boys

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