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    It's amazing how important tone, hand gestures, and eye contact are when it comes to having a conversation with somebody, be it somebody you're close to, or a complete stranger, it doesn't matter, the rules are all the same. Of course, a friend will forgive you if you break some of these 'rules,' but just looking at everything that has to go into a conversation to make it enjoyable for both people participating, if you will.

    Things like how long you make eye contact, where you look when you're not making eye contact, the amount of hand gestures you use, when you use upward inflection, etc. Most people probably don't even think about any of this, but the next time you talk to somebody, examine every bit of what went into, or what is going into the conversation. I know there's some statistic that says something about the importance of non-verbal communication, but yeah, there's probably a good reason for it.

    You can be talking to the most interesting person in the world, but you'd never knew it if they weren't able to follow these simple rules. Yeah, if he or she was the most interesting man in the world, chances are they'd be able to present it in a matter sufficient to the title, but that's beside the point. Anyway, ha, I just thought I'd make a post about how fascinating these little quirks that are so essential to basic convesations are. I may be looking way too far into it, but, you know, it happens. Discuss.
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    I think you don't often notice those things till someone doesn't follow accepted conventions and you feel incredibly uncomfortable. For example, one of my friends used to be a close talker, but worse still when we were sitting somewhere, he'd reach across the table and fiddle with my keys or something. I didn't know how much my stuff was part of my personal space. This is someone I was even fairly at ease with, but I felt very twitchy when he moved into my space uninvited.

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