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    Setting up events in an rooms by moving furniture and things like that.

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    Let's see, the first couple before I turned 18:

    - not consistent work:

    * ads flyers, putting different ones together as a package, and early morn, delivering them

    [got faulted for leaving them on the rungs of the porch rails, rather than in the mailbox...and if there were promos with *scratch & win* cards, I scratched them all, and collected quite the winnings.... bad Q ]

    * math tutor

    [didn't like this too much, the kid tried my patience. I think, wherever she is now, she recalls me with a distinct lack of fondness ]

    * gift wrapper at the mall during holiday season

    [we had 2 days no-pay training sessions, learning how to wrap different sizes and obscure shapes of gifts...pretty cool life lesson]

    - consistent work:

    *receptionist at a senior's residence (referred by the dad of the kid I tutored)

    [I got paid quite well considering my age, lack of experience, and during the holiday's, the bonus/gifts were awesome, collected like $250 as gifts because the seniors' were generous with their donations to the staff that worked there...cha-ching! And, I'd work evening and week-ends, and since there were no one to really cover for lunch breaks, it meant sitting at the same desk, for 6 to 12 hrs, and I'd get free lunches and dinners from their kitchen, bad move, gained weight, but, lots of free time to chat with friends on the phone, and dick around on the net, and get paid really long as I dressed up/pretty, one of the downside, having to wear skirts all the time]

    * daycare assistant

    [awesome job - I got to play all day long, and be the boss because all the kids looked up to me, and listened to me; they'd be clamoring to be the first in line to push me on the swings, and other games I made up! Didn't really have to take care of the kids as there were certified ECEs there, I was an extra hand, pretty much hired to keep the kiddies entertained]

    I did a few different daycare job gigs, always making sure they were aged potty-trained and up, cuz I didn't want to do stuff like work in fast food places, or grocery stores or whatever else my friends had to do for the summer. I like a job where I'm allowed to play all day long.

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    Baby sitting was my very first job (though I've done plenty of menial labor since then I can assure you).

    I think baby sitting is an excellent job for teenaged girls, as it completely put me off of the idea of having babies at a young age. I recommend forcing high school girls who want to be like Juno to be left alone with anywhere from three to six children all day long. I think it might help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacey View Post
    I worked in the college cafeteria.
    Same here. Mopping floors, refilling beverage dispensers, washing dishes, etc. After a while, I graduated to a cook's assistant which was better.

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    Cleaning and lawn mowing a recreation club for seniors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spamtar View Post
    I actually had a job kinda like that during college and it helped me stay focused. Dispatching for a security company. Terror mixed with mostly tedium.
    Is it the type of tedium that requires concentration, or is it the type of tedium one can do on "auto-pilot" while lost in your own head? There's a huge difference, and the second kind of tedium sounds kinda like a good fit for an INTP...

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