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    DVDs: no real organization
    Books: nonfiction on bottom shelf, misc. fiction on middle shelf, fantasy/sci-fi on highest shelf, collections (e.g. all 7 harry potter books) on top of the shelves
    CDs: Sorted by genre, and alphabetically within genre, and alphabetically by album within artist/band.

    CDs are most organized b/c I listen to them more often, so there's more of a need for them to be organized, so it's easier to find them.
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    Chronological order. Things I'm using now are wherever I used them last. Things I've used recently are near the top of a pile or stack somewhere. Things I haven't used in a long time are at the bottom of a pile or stack somewhere. I rely on memory and common sense to find things.

    It's not a perfect system, but I don't own tons of stuff and it's not the end of the world to search for something for a couple of extra minutes.
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    Since I understand Chaos Theory I don't need to organize my stuff.

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    No organization. CDs go in a drawer, books go on a shelf, window sill, bed or a table. In piles.

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