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    One of these days I'm gonna get organazized.

    (You talkin' to me?)

    PS I don't organize. My shit is everywhere.
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    Physical CDs:
    I have several black hardcover CD cases that hold around 200 CDs each. Three of the four are full, the other one about half way. It will probably stay that way, as I rarely ever buy a whole disc anymore.

    (1) All discs are arranged alphabetically by ARTIST, then by RELEASE NUMBER (debut album, second album, third album, greatest hits, etc.)

    (2) I have one section titled SOUNDTRACK as all movie soundtracks I have bought are categorized first by SOUNDTRACK, then by MOVIE TITLE.

    (3) If the CD is a compilation by a club/label (e.g. Ministry of Sound, Renaissance, etc.) I order by LABEL, then TITLE.

    Digital CDs:
    About 6 years ago I ripped all of my CDs to MP3 format. A few were beginning to oxidize, as I began buying CDs in 1990. So, I cleaned each, ripped them all to WAV using "Exact Audio Copy" which is a CD that basically guarantees you will rip the file to WAV, regardless of how bad the CD is scratched, provided the media is not damaged. I kid you not, I had CDs that survived my high school car(s) and I simply cleaned them with rubbing alcohol, used a CD scratch repir product I bought at Wal-Mart, and then ripped them all at 192 Kbit/sec. MP3. This program is really cool as it connects to a database if you are the WWW and identifies the CD, and names all your tracks for you, according to how you setup the datafields in the user control panel. Be careful though, some shit was labeled by idiots. Best to proofread your files...

    After you rip, you must convert to MP3 with an auido codec. I used LAME v3.93, which is free. There is a GUI frontend to LAME called "RazorLAME" and it is nice, as it lets you select your settings and go instead of the command line LAME environment.

    Then my entire collection was on my PC hard drive and an external back-up drive. I got further paranoid and then burned DVDs of all my ripped CDs. So, even if both drives failed, I would still be able to recreate my collection with little effort.

    The whole project took me over a year. I basically ripped CDs in the midst of whatever I was doing, whenever, in my spare time. This project created high quality MP3s from my personal collection. I have never regretted the time and effort I put into it. I listen to music constantly.

    Once my whole collection was ripped to MP3 I found others who had done the same thing. So we traded. My whole collection for yours, let's flip a quarter to see who takes who's drive home first. After I did that 4-5 times I had everything I had ever dreamed of. I purposefully sought after folks who were significantly different than me in many ways and thus diversified the range of things I swept up. Honestly, I don't know what I have except by memory of the original archivist. I have about 800 GigaBytes of music. I kid you not. I've also bought a few key collections to round things out, like the entiore BBC Essential Mix collection from 1993 to 2006, and a few from Promo Only.

    BUYING MUSIC: I get my music from a myriad of online sites, all legal. I P2P's back in the day but haven't since, as the legit collections got big and inexpensive to work with earlier than I anticipated. My favorite sites to buy from are: The best music mp3 download site: download music, remix mp3 or video of any artist from 200 000 available

    Dance Downloads, MP3 & WAV Music Tracks at Juno Download

    Ultra Records Store


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    All of my music is on my computer, and most of it has genre tags. I've got little scripts that I've written to make organizing and tagging it a lot easier.. usually can go through new music in a matter of seconds or so. Then, BAM, it's all organized in a MySQL database and on the hard drive, ready to go.

    When it's time to burn an MP3 CD-RW to listen to in the car, I wrote another lovely script that takes some genre of music and creates a CD of random "favorites" from that genre. So, I've usually got about four CDs of different genres in my car at any one time.. I'll be damned if I'm going to swap out a CD every time I want to listen to a different artist :steam:

    So, yeah.. if I didn't have some mechanisms in place to organize that stuff for me, I probably wouldn't do it.

    I have one directory for movies, because I don't have that many. I don't have any DVDs.. such a pain in the ass, those things are

    Books are the only listed media that I really use physical versions of. I've got most of my work-related books at work, and I have two cabinets that contain philosophy/economics/psychology and "how-to" books, respectively.

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    I'm an organized mess.
    On my computer, i have music in at least 30 different folders scattered all over (and there may be sub-folders for some ounce of actual organization). I roughly have it memorized when i downloaded what over the past 7 years.

    My clothes are in piles of "i don't really wear this" or "i wear this frequently!" ...the things i don't wear are folded in drawers.

    I swear, if someone goes searching in my life they will never find anything they are trying to find.
    But if someone could tell me what the hell i did with my vibrator, that would be awesome.
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    I organize my books first by subject then by author.

    I do not organize my music collection and I left all my DVDs in Boulder, Colorado.
    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    Do what?

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    my books are just wherever on the shelves, no organization. my whole house is real disorganized.
    one time i organized my books by height, which looks kind of cool. i also organized them by color once.

    but my jazz records i have organized strictly alphabetically+chronologically. haha!
    alphabetical by artist, and then each each artist's albums are organized by recording date (chronologically).

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    Books/DVDs: So they are balanced/wont topple and so they make aesthetic sense. Minor effort to keep themes together.
    Other than that, I have better things to do with my time than maintaining painstakingly alphabetized collections of the damn things.

    Music: I save them to disk and back up on external hard-drive. They auto-sort alphabetically.
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    Books ~ separated into fiction and non-fiction, then by author in chronological order

    Music ~ all on itunes now... when I had cds they were just stacked on top of each other on a bookshelf

    Clothes ~ clean in one basket and dirty in another. Things for dressing up or going out are hung in the closet.

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    dvds(and one cd with bonus dvd) on the speaker
    old good cds next to speaker
    old crap cds in the shelf
    new cds on the stereo system
    lp vinyls on the floor next to shelf where speakers are
    single vinyls at the moment behind the shelf, but they were on the other speaker
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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