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    I believe in varieties of soft and hard determinism, however this does not mean that I believe choice, change and consequences do not exist, they do but freedom is always limited and necessarily so.

    Often choice and change are about adaptation or maladaptation and its consequences, these are about the individuals adjustment to what they can not change, which may be internal or external to the self but matter just the same.

    Hard determinism as I understand it is about organic growth and development, a child grows into an adult, all things being equal, but a child does not grow into a horse or giant squid. Most people dont have a problem with that sort of determinism and dont feel a need to argue vociferously against it. There are the transexualism, transhumanism, singularity, cybernetics etc. debates but I'm not touching on them at this point, its complex, its also I would argue individual and I dont like to generalise about it.

    There's soft determinism, which I believe comprises sociology and psychology, the whole empirical, logical, rational and evidential research based mapping of individual and social trajectories.

    It is not positive science, I dont know that it ever will be and I'm already unsure about the positive nature of most of the natural science given how it changes over time and that that change is necessarily so.

    However it is useful, not simply as rationalisations, dodges or some how avoidance or blame, responsibility etc. If people can steer a course between realpolitik and idealpolitik in their own lives, make choices about what they are prepared to adjust or adapt to and what they arent willing to, informed choices, that's good.

    Although I do think that while we are subject to determinism of myriad kinds we should act as though we are sovereign.

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