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    I don't like it. Being verbalised, I mean. Generally. It gets overused in so many relationships, and even becomes pure habit, meaningless... as much as to say "I'm bored and just wanted something to say to interact with you", or just "hello". I always feel like once I hear the words, the spell's broken. They have more power for me when they remain unsaid, but yet they're "spoken" loud and clear by the eyes, the body language, the choices/actions and all that.

    Something about hearing it spoken literally, verbally, just... I dunno. For me, seems to cheapen the whole thing. There are some rare times when it can be verbalised and it's truly special, and really moving. But most of the time, I don't wanna hear it.

    Talk is cheap... the cheapness of it tends to cheapen, for me, anything it's used to invoke. If I love you, you ought to know it - if you don't, then it's gonna take more than me just saying the words to fix things. And if you love me, I'll know it. If I don't, or you don't, then maybe our visions of what love is and what we want with it/do with it... are incompatible.
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    You're right; it's not about the words, so whether or not they get spoken too much or too little, you both have that bond where you just know. I don't see the frequency the phrase is uttered to be of much importance.
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    It would be the tip of the iceberg in this case, not an opinion many people seemed to share in this thread, but

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