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I like mazes too. Some day, I want to build a maze in front of my house that leads people to my front door. However, it will be extremely difficult to navigate unless I've taught you the way. The passages will be very narrow and it will be pitch black in there, except for maybe some glow in the dark markers.
I take it you are not fond of visitors? Hahahaha, or are do you figure it's a weeding mechanism. My front door is not for the weak!! I was an interviewer once (think census taker) and had to go door to door -- I would've LOVED that kind of front door. Seriously. Except if it's dark... so I would afear for my safety.

Have you been to large outdoor mazes? There is at least 1 permanent I know of in central CA. I went to a corn maze one fall, it's an annual thing with apple cider and hot dogs. The maze is 'choose your own adventure' at different spots of the maze, you have to answer questions to take you to the next (and hopefully correct) path. You carry a very tall flag and wave it around in case you get stuck and need to be rescued. I went with a big group of people I didn't know very well and mostly was about the fun of bickering and running around all crazy. The maze is custom made every year into a theme shape.

As for dim lighting and eating -- I associate dim restaurants with places meant for company i.e. intimate conversations and 'mood lighting' and often dim lighting also goes hand in hand with a more intimate, even romantic ambience. Plus some places are cheap and the dim lighting is more an accident or they just want to save money on electricity. And if you can actually see yuor food clearly you might not be as happy.

I eat solo a lot and try to go to places that are casual and quick -- those places tend to be BRIGHT - like HURRY UP AND GET OUT! Hahahaah. But some are hole in the walls with murky lighting.