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Using the chemistry of hydrocarbons, some geeky chemists have constructed molecules that look like people

The name is derived from nano (really really small) and putian, which is what those little guys from Gulliver's Travels were called.


[YOUTUBE=""]Rafael Simon Door-Breaching System[/YOUTUBE]

The Sound Channel:

Up high in the sky, above the clouds, birds and planes, there is a certain region where because of differences in temperature and density, sound gets trapped along a 2D plane, and travels tremendous distances.

Ever heard of the Rosswell UFO incident? It was pretty controversial, the Air Force had sent up an air balloon into this sound channel to listen for important sounds, like those made from the deployment and testing of nuclear weapons, and for some reason, the balloon came down. The Air Force covered it up (because they didn't want other contries to know what was going on) and because the balloon was covered in instruments and gizmos, people were pretty well convinced that it was a UFO.

The Sound Channel Phenomenon also occurs really deep underwater at a point where the temperature and pressure causes sound to be trapped. Whales have been using this sound channel to communicate almost forever.

This sound channel was most useful during the war. Submarines used it to detect other subs, which would have surprised the hell out of the enemy back then . And Pilots came up with an ingenious idea involving pressure balls, when their planes when down, the pilot would release a ball kept inside the plane that would sink down under the pacific ocean until it suddenly explodes becuase of the pressure. And that BOOM! gets caught within the sound wave and can be picked up by sensors (using triangulation - detect it from three different points, then intersect them). They explain the sound channel quite exeptionally in the book red october... which was of course about submarines.