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    so you won't be a big dummy till you can get back the next morning.

    oh and in regards to the Bill Gates comment(s), how many people like Bill Gates do you know of? Receiving an education is essential and believing otherwise is ignorant.
    Time is a delicate mistress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kora View Post
    They want us to become part of the system. I'll do my homework when I think it will help me to understand better something (I.E. application of maths or physics) or if I find the subject interesting. If not, why should waste my time in doing something that I already know?
    Teachers usually don't care if you learn something at all, they just want you to do what's expected from you: homework. That's why there are so many gifted kids who fail school. Few teachers allow you to stand up and explore by yourself the theory.
    Educational system needs a change.
    The only thing I might add to the front of that bolded part is a very tentative *most*. I did have a few teachers over the years who inspired me to learn and really cared if I did well.

    I didn't have trouble in school, despite my hatred for homework. In fact, I was the National Honor Society, Exchange Student type and I tend to score high on IQ tests and other standardized 'tests'. BUT... it doesn't change the fact that most of the crap I did for homework was worthless.

    I did well because I WANTED to do well. I was curious and wanted to know as much about topics that interested me as I could... but there was never enough time to really delve into the things that caught my attention. As an adult, I spend a lot of my time 'catching up' on all the things that interested me before or that I encounter now. I'm thankful that I ended up in the IT field where things are constantly changing and there is always more to learn because, for the first time, I have a job that keeps me engaged and learning.

    THIS is what schools should teach. Excitement for learning and encouragement of curiosity. It is learning to learn on your own that is most important in life and at work, not being able to regurgitate the crap you're fed. Any monkey can be shown a procedure and repeat it over and over. Its the ability to EXTRAPOLATE and build on what you know that makes a good student and a life long learner.

    Schools that endorse hours and hours of repetetive homework just to fill time that they think kids should spend at home is ridiculous. Long, thought out projects that encourage the child to really find out all they can about something they love would be much more effective.
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    I understand the concept of homework, piling it onto students so they can learn it thoroughly, fast, and efficiently, but the students don't have the wisdom to understand it, and 9 out of 10 students will most likely tell you they absolutely hate homework.

    I totally think that there should be a thicker line between school and home, but I think homework is necessary sometimes. I disagree, in a way, with homework counting a great deal towards ones overall grade- conditions at home vary from person to person, and part of the reason why one may be performing poorly in academics, may be the conditions in school. I think fewer, and bigger homework assignments should be considered- essays, chapter reading assignments, vocab, and in depth concept charts, should be given and the students should be given a reasonable ammount of time to succesfully complete these assignments.

    One could easily argue that vigorous homework results in excellent marks and an understanding of the ciruculum, and I wouldn't be able to deny it. I feel like somethings are drawn out too long, and certain things in school are unnecessarily taught. Fewer, larger, and more important concepts should be taught to students, and larger, more imformative, less repetettive homework assignments should be assigned.

    It's completely necessary for students to have a healthy life away from school AND homework. I have often thought about the differences between being "book smart" and being "people smart". I think knowledge of how the world works, how people work (This forum for instance), and basically, get a worldly veiw of things, can serve just as important as the concepts learned in school. What one learns outside of school, generally speaking, is usually more helpfull in life, and the homework seems to be getting in the way of this, taking away from valuble life and people lessons that people could be learning at younger ages then they do. Take sheltered kids who spend their whole childhood growing up thinking what their parents tell them..get good grades, always do your homework...listen to your teachers..and as soon as they get out in the real world, their so bad off, no knowledge of how things work in the real world, how cruel life and people can be.

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    The thing with Bill Gates is his parents were loaded. He got the best education they could afford. He had a computer to practice on before most schools had a computer.

    And he worked his ass off.

    He could quit school later on because he'd already put the work in and could take advantage of the opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d@v3 View Post
    What good can possibly come from leaving a teenager (or even middleschoolers these days) alone at home with nothing to do for 6 hours?
    Doing nothing? Ever though that kids and teenagers can have their own interests? Sports? Friends?
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    1) Grade inflation. They need something to inflate your grade with, even though we're not under threat of the draft (yet)

    2) To 'keep kids out of trouble', even though this fails badly.

    3) To have something to show that they're trying to teach for the NCLB act when they fail the tests miserably (though it's futile)

    Three futile reasons. And yet they keep trying anyway. It's sad.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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