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    Christmas eve my man and I went to my parents for Christmas with my dad's side of the family- ate delicious food and talked to interesting and funny people. Got back late, and baked brownies for the next day.

    Christmas morning woke up early and drove back up to my parents house to exchange and open gifts and then over to my grandma's to say hello to everyone and steal bits of the ham while it was being carved. (it's an hour to my parents' house )

    Left there before dinner and headed to my bf's grandma's house for Christmas, where there was more present opening and snacking and then left for his grandpa's house (a 40 min drive ). Got there and ate again (good food though!) and socialized a bit, though we spent most of the time on the couch watching mythbusters because I was tired from driving so much and he had eaten everything everywhere he went

    Got home around 9 or 9:30 and curled up on the couch- which, by that point, was the most exciting part of the day!

    5 Christmases in a little over 24 hours is a bit much
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    Had lunch with my Mom and then visited my Aunt in town and several of my cousins were there which was nice. Then I stopped to see my Uncle and his family briefly - his step family was celebrating there, so didn't stay long. Then I stopped at another of my cousin's - it was perfect timing, we hadn't touched base for years and ended up having a three hours conversation... it really made my day.

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    I never do anything for Christmas: I hate forced consumerism. Plus I'm not Christian.

    Sometimes, I may buy a Hanukkah gift for my little sister or my nephew, but I think that's all.

    So during the 24th of December, if I remember well I spent all day drawing an axonometry of a garden I have to design next spring. Plus I made tons of researches about Passionflowers of the Tacsonia group, and the recent tetraploid form of Passiflora tucumanensis. I think I will try to grow P. antioquiensis indoors, at home, while I will propose to introduce the cultivation of P. tucumanensis to my clients, as it seems to be a very promising specie in temperate areas (this vine comes from Argentina). Plus it has an excellent edible fruit -I tasted some, just before collecting the seeds-.
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