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  • No - I am SJ

    2 1.96%
  • No - I am SJ, but I qualify

    2 1.96%
  • Yes - I am SJ

    1 0.98%
  • No - I am SP

    5 4.90%
  • No - I am SP, but I qualify

    5 4.90%
  • Yes - I am SP

    0 0%
  • No - I am NT

    22 21.57%
  • No - I am NT, but I qualify

    28 27.45%
  • Yes - I am NT

    2 1.96%
  • No - I am NF

    11 10.78%
  • No - I am NF, but I qualify

    21 20.59%
  • Yes - I am NF

    3 2.94%
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    I just figured she made a mistake... and pointed it out in a harsh/funny way.
    I KNOW... You are normally pretty polite... so I assumed she had either misquoted or ws using a crap test scoring system developed by some hanfdbag website or something....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerbell View Post
    MaC is right actually 75 is mentally handicapped, but still harsh to point it out...
    Well, 70 is usually the threshold for "handicapped," while typically 75-80 is still higher than 5-10% of the population. It depends on the scale though.

    And it is only harsh to point it out if you give one IQ test result WAY more credit than it deserves.

    (The test could've gave the wrong number, the sub-tests could have wildly varying scores, let alone the numerous others factors that could be involved in general intelligence, and the countless factors involved in an individual's capabilities... and who knows how much of a role these things have in achievement......)

    So yeah, anyway, for those of you who have not tested in the top 2% yet, join my club, where we will have cookies and cupcakes and pwn those Mensa peoplez at almost everything considered "smart"

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