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    I was forced into writing a journal in school. I was a little hesistant, I don't really enjoy writing about myself, because I don't really have anything I consider interesting to write in a book. I also don't really like lingering on memories, reminiscing has it's place, but I haven't found a major purpose for it, right now it serves as a reminder of what not to do in life.

    Ironically enough I have a blog, so I suppose it's not all that bad.

    I didn't answer the question. I really have nothing to hide, even private thoughts need to be brought to light at some point so if they take it upon themselves to know what I'm thinking they are now responsible for whatever happens. Curiosity gives responsibility to the cat.

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    I'm mostly with SIB on this. I occasionally write in a journal when I'm really happy or really upset, and I think if anyone read it, it would not be reflective of who I actually am. I'm glad though for the bits of it that I've done, so am reluctant to destroy it entirely, even if I'd prefer someone else didn't read it. I wouldn't write something though that would be a complete disaster if someone else found or read. Don't ever write your worst about someone else on paper. It can survive long after yourself. As far as reading others. I probably would try not to, but my curiosity might get the better of me. Funny about the ISTJ logbook. My ISTJ dad did the same for years.

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    hmm...that's a tough question

    well my diary would reveal very'd be pretty vague


    jun 6
    washed the car

    july 24
    had fun
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    destroy their mind with a Confundis Charm.

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    I've been writing in my own lil diary since I was five years old - a long time, yeah - and I write about almost everything in it... you know, in the beginning, just stuff five year olds do... and other things as I grew up, as a teenager, boys, you get the pic. But I always kept it pretty well hidden. Well, this one guy found it one night, by accident, so he says, and he then proceeded to practically shout it from a mountain top all this stuff he dug up about me. I guess he sort of hated hated me for some unknown reason. Really, to this very day I DO NOT KNOW WHY he felt the need to do this to me. Makes me a bit sad, ya know?

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    I don't really have a journal/diary. Once I wrote in one because I got two diaries for my brithday and felt obligated to at least attempt to write in one of them. The writings really aren't that great.

    But if I were to write one, I would probably die if someone read it. :P Unless it was someone I didn't know on the internet... then I really don't care.

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    Be pretty upset. Exceedingly angry because that's my private dumping ground.

    I am so private with people IRL--I think they'd be shocked and probably more than a little horrified.
    Serve them right for peepin'!

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    i had a blog for about 7 years.
    it was fine if strangers read it.
    i didn't like it when people i knew
    in the flesh read it.

    once too many real life people
    read it. i just shut it down.

    and i curse the way back machine.
    curse it! for still having old entries
    of my blog indexed.
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    I'd rather that no one read my diaries until I'm gone. But if someone read them, I probably wouldn't get mad. I'd just get awkward and ask them not to ever tell anyone about it. And then that would (hopefully) be the end of it and we could forget it ever happened.
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    I have a bunch of notepad files on my computer that together constitute a diary. Some of that shit, if someone I know irl reads it, I would be horrified. Seriously...I'm taking that stuff to the grave... I'll delete it all long before I die, but still... no one must EVER know
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