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    I don't have a diary. I just used the forum instead and then use jokes to mask the deep regret that I feel about being so revealing. I highly recommend this.
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    I was thinking about this thread earlier, I take it the embarrassment factor is what people are talking about, in which case I take it that diaries or journalling is considered primarily about catharsis and emotional venting, would anyone keep one in order to make an accurate record of events?
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    I had a journal when I was a preteen that I would pour all of my undeserved angst into. My mother found it and read it, and I had written some pretty rotten stuff about her (nothing heartbreaking--just the dramatic rants of a tween who felt conceitedly misunderstood).

    She confronted me about the journal, and I felt horrible on two counts: firstly, I had hurt my mother's feelings, which made me the world's worst daughter. Secondly, I was violated--I felt I didn't have anyone to talk to, so I wrote. When my mother read my journal, it felt like a confidant had told my secrets to the world.

    Dramatic, I know, but I learned my lesson. I keep my journal hidden now, and I try not write anything unpleasant about anyone who could possibly ever read it. This is a good practice, anyway, because I've learned that if you have ill feelings towards someone, writing them down only helps foster them. And who needs that?
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