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    Default style of dress is probably fairly NFP. In the summer I go barefoot a lot or wear sandals/flip flops with casual, somewhat hippie clothes. Right now I wear footless tights with a black skirt and various shirts or sweaters. I love Mary Jane style shoes, I have a pair of Chinese Laundry shoes and a more expensive pair of patent leather flats which look like something out of the 20's. I also am quite fond of my Hello Kitty skull 'n cross bones hoodie. I'm probably too old to shop at Hot Topic, but I still do sometimes. I'm very P in that I sometimes leave the house looking like a complete sloppy bum. I like color - like a have this soft purple scarf that I'll wear with a pink abercrombie hoodie (mind you the only item that I have ever, or will ever, buy at abercrombie...actually someone bought it for me! I would never shop there for myself, honestly).

    Yeah, I think I dress my type. I think sometimes though I look more INFP, and sometimes more ENFP, and perhaps sometimes on occasion even SFP.

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    ^ Ah, being sloppy/ bummish is a P thing? Heh. That's explains a lot.
    I'm a fan of not bothering to wear shoes to the deli, video library, library...

    Terrible, some people say. But I've heard that it's a Western Australian thing too.

    Quote Originally Posted by nasmoe View Post
    I always where jeans or slacks and hoodies, stylish tennis shoes, and I love tees with a bunch of writing on it, and a Freddy krueger glove.

    I guess my type wheres Hot Topic stuff.
    I love your avatar.

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