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    I usually wear dress slacks and layered shirts at work (because I never know what temperature my classroom will be). On casual days I wear khakis or brown cords with casual layered tops. On casual days I wear either my chaco sandals or my rocketdog shoes with skulls and hearts on them, but the rest of the week I wear either heels or very practical black flat shoes. At home, I wear jeans and t-shirts with graphics on them.

    My clothes are always pretty fitted but never tight. I do not wear revealing clothes. My skirts are knee-length at the shortest and I almost never show any kind of cleavage. If I reveal anything, it's my shoulders.

    I don't wear make-up, and i rarely do anything to my hair aside from comb it and maybe pull it back. Sometimes I accessorize with a scarf and/or earrings, but I'm pretty low-maintenance aside from that.

    I don't dress in a boring fashion, typically, but it's quirky in a quiet way.

    Edit: Colors--I wear a lot of teal, green, blue, red, dark purpley pinks, brown, khaki, black

    "I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. You can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Default NEW ISTJ here

    I am ISTJ and i love pink and green.
    As far as NYC, most people wear dark color here. so it's not an exception.
    I like the class of black color and femenine side of pink

    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    Is that you? So cute! Are those girls laughing along with you or at the camera?

    My ISTJ friend actually dresses very similarly like your pic now. And she's female.

    In college she said the same thing "I dress like my mom picks out my clothes". Because her mom DID. You know how you might get a care package with a horrendous sweater or some such item of clothing you would never pick yourself? The difference is that my ISTJ friend would actually wear the clothes, she didn't really care about fashion and is a minimalist when it comes to personal possessions. She was always clean and not slobby, but that's it.

    You know, I was almost beginning to think ISTJ = anti bright colors. Otherwise my ISTJ friend also wear flip flops, cargos and cargo shorts, and cotton t-shirts or sweatshirts all summer.

    Perhaps the love of bright colors is regional? My friends have told me people in CA dress a lot more boldly or in brighter colors than those who grow up in the midwest or east coast (with the exception of NYC possibly).

    And of course, everyone is so unique, even within their 'type'.

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    Welcome to the boards, Natasha!
    Extraversion (52%) ---- Introversion (48%)
    Sensing (26%) ---- iNtuition (74%)
    Thinking (16%) ---- Feeling (84%)
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    9w1 so/sx/sp

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    oh Cze Cze hello darlin, did you actually respond to this???
    ~t need of hugs please...
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    Default I'm all business, baby!

    I wear mostly pencil skirts and blouse with a linen jacket. Also I wear pumps. I love lace, but I usually don't wear it in the office (mostly for casual times at home or with friends).

    I do have one pair of jeans that I wear very occasionally. I do also own sweats, but I wear it when I go walking/stretching/exercising. When I am at home, I usually wear what I wear at work (sans linen jacket).

    I have 4 shades of shoes and matching hand-bags. (black, brown, tan, off-white) Most everything I wear can be matched to these colors, so it's an efficiency issue for me.

    I mostly buy clothes that are in the Autumn color line. (browns, blacks, rust, red, oranges, sage green, creams) It fits my coloring the best. I do have some lilac or navy tops that match with my black skirts (matching black handbag and shoes), so I am still put together with whatever clothing that I like.

    I have jewelry, but I rarely wear them. I do have maybe 2 very pretty necklesses that match with most everything I wear. I have a lot of silky scarves that I through around my neck if I need to add a splash of color.

    I hate watches. I won't wear them unless I have to (I have my cellphone if I need to know the time -- oh, and my computer and my car has the time available, too).

    By the way, I hate shopping. I love to go to Goodwilling, though. Thriftshops rock!
    I - 75% N - 55% F - 55% P - 61%
    Enneagram 4w5

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    Hehe. Thrift shops. ONce I tried on a dress that had cum stains all over the inside that I only noticed after I'd tried it on. Ever since then....

    Anyway..I dress quite unconventionally. My favourite colours to wear are black, grey, purples and pinks. I don't really wear any colours other than that.

    I usually mix patterns together and wear either Dr Martens or a great pair of platform lolita shoes I found. I usually wear skirts or dresses. I have one pair of jeans, but they're hot pink and plaid (Not to mention obnoxious) so they don't really count. I wear them under skirts anyway.

    I never really brush my hair either.
    I also (Some other people have mentioned this) have a knack of attracting stares even when I'm dressed in my most conventional way. I don't like it, but I suppose it's better than being totally normal..

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    My "uniform" is essentially classic clothing, whether for business or casual wear.
    I prefer the look of classic cuts, and like there to be some longevity to my wardrobe, so I don't buy a whole lot of "trendy" stuff.
    I generally bargasin shop, sometimes TJ Maxx, sometimes department stores, sometimes even thrift stores to find high dollar items like suits, and even at my local Cobbler's Shoe Shop, where he sells abandoned merchandise for the cost of the repair he performed. I once got as pair of waterproof Timberland low quarter hiking boots for $10.
    From time to time I will splurge. I've bought $100 neck ties, and I've dropped $200 on a nice pair of Johnston and Murphy shoes. My next big purchase will be either a Tag Heuer diving sports watch or a Rolex Sub-Mariner, which I will buy when I graduate from my Master's program.

    I'm somewhat of a peacock I guess, but part of that comes from being personally conservative in many ways, an inner desire to debunk myths about guys with muscles and long blond hair being stupid, and mostly just out of high self-esteem. This is not a dress rehearsal, this life of ours is the show, so always wear your best, and go for it.

    Here's my response from another thread, just for completeness:

    1. What is your type? = ESTP

    2. What style of clothes do you wear? = Work (shirt, tie, slacks, etc.) Casual (jeans, shorts, polo shirts, Adidas sports wear, etc.)

    3. Post of picture of your style of clothes even if it is just from a magazine.

    As requested:

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    I can't say if this is anything type related. I do have a "uniform". I'm an absolute jeans junkie. I've lost count on all the pairs I have. And I love sneakers because I love to move fast and they're just so cute and comfortable. Being a student allows me to maintain that style And I can glam up anything. Basically, I like casual and comfortable with a little style. I don't like extensive shopping so I mostly know what I want to buy and then go get it. I love women's fitted shirts and I have dozens of scarves to spice things up. I like pure colours, no floral prints for me, thanks. The fabrics should be pleasant against the skin. I don't wear much jewelry but I love watches.

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    My outfit of choice is jeans and a tanktop. That varies from the little boy under shirts I get at Target to something that I may spend more than $10 bucks on. Sometimes I go a little crazy and put on heels.

    Although don't get me wrong. I like dressing up sometimes. And at work, I usually just wear slacks and a button up or some other nice shirt.
    I have an inner monologue that sounds strikingly similar to something off Animal Planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    Sparked by another thread I started to wonder, how do you and your type dress? Do you have a 'uniform'? How do you decide what you'll wear out on a weekend or to a party? For the 'age of consent' women, do you dress seductively when you are going on a date or 'out'? Are guys 't-shirt and jeans' across the board?? Going along with style - how do you style your hair and have any piercings/tattoos?
    I put on whatever I happen to find first in my closet, which is usually jeans, a shirt and a sweatshirt or long sleeve. If I'm going out to a party or a pub I usually put on a nice shirt.
    Since I have no fashion sense at all, but don't want to look like a slouch all the time I will usually take a more fashionable friend with me if I go shopping so he can prevent me from buying the first crap I see.

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