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View Poll Results: do you feel you have fulfilled your parents' expectations/wishes?

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    14 37.84%
  • not really,..only about 30%-40% only!

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  • still not, or perhaps never will! it's just damn hard!..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dooraven View Post
    Yeah this sums up pretty nicely what family is. Everyone is educated to a very high level - none in art as they really don't see it as a substantial degree at all.

    so especially for the artistic & creative-inclined kids,
    what should they do? ..should they 'fight' against this traditional life-sucking notion?

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    My mother? Sure. My dad? Probably not. My dad reminds me of one of those strict Asian parents; as a Jamaican who is from a wealthy family, he expects more from me and told me that I'm wasting my life, which is hilarious since I'm a chemistry major at my college and I'm trying to get into pharmacy school. I've never done drugs and I have always been a B+ student in high school (I was lazy) and I'm an A average student in college. But I must be lacking in something. I accepted that he's crazy, so who cares what he says or thinks. My mother is proud of me and supports my decisions. That's important to me at the end of the day, especially since I live with her

    I actually think that he's ashamed of me. All of my cousins and their children have got into ivy league schools and their lawyers or some shit. The thing is, I'm POOR. He tells me, "you should have a Mercedes" well mofo, why don't you buy me one?!

    He probably fits the stereotype of an Asian parent since he's part Chinese, buuuut my late Jamaican aunt who married into my mother's family was the same way. Very strict and all about education. My cousin is 19 years old with an associates degree, but after her mother's death she started slacking off and is now doing GOD knows what. It's definitely a Jamaican thing to have crazy ass parents. Thank GOD my mom is American.
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    so these Asian, & Jamaican "pressuring" things from parents,
    is definitely not a healthy thing, isn't it, guys?...

    how can we counter & fight against it, then?

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    My parents want me to be an engineer and that is never going to happen.
    I wanted to be a journalist, a social worker and then a teacher.
    Each of these dreams destroyed by my parents.
    Luckily the criminal justice system fascinates me and I hope to go to law school,
    so I guess anything with money works for them.

    "Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves,
    who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad
    memories and allow themselves to be provoked this
    easily -- weak people, in other words -- they stand no chance."
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    My parents have never had any out of the ordinary expectations of me. In a way that they've never expressed some specific directions they want me to follow. I guess I picked up on the things they left unsaid. I learned not to trust them with my dreams, so I think they don't have much to complain with. The fact that I'm alive and doing ok should be enough for them.

    The only one I have to disappoint by not fulfilling expectations is myself.

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    I guess my parents had/have expectations about me, even when they just say that it "doesn't really matter, we love you anyways." But guessing from things that they have said indirectly and so on...

    Some of the things I guess they expect/expected:
    - Get a college degree (working on it)
    - Be financially independent (yes, pretty much)
    - Be the person I want to be, find myself, find what you really want to do with your life (no idea)
    - Not get anyone pregnant in drunken adventures (yes, so far)

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