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    Mostly Styx and Billy Joel.

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    Early in life, it was records off the Lawrence Welk show and similar (no kidding).

    My first album I ever bought (in 6th grade) was Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits.

    Most of my teen years were spent immersed in CCM (including Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, The Imperials, Petra, White Heart, etc.) and secular soft pop. I was really into the group Chicago in high school, although I'm not fond of anything they produce now.

    My dad played a lot of opera and discouraged non-classical music. My mom was an "easy listener" completely. I also knew a lot of show/Broadway music. A real big stroke of fortuity was finding my dad's Allen Sherman and Stan Freberg records.

    Nowadays my tastes are far more varied. (I just saw "A Fine Frenzy" the other week in concern, and I like a lot of heavy rock.) Once I got out of that subculture and had access to other sounds, I started to explore them.

    But I still have a strong sense of safety and nostalgia when I hear Air Supply, Journey, REO Speedwagon, and a bunch of other groups from the early/mid-80's. The Internet's been pretty useful for being able to listen to a lot of past stuff for free.

    EDIT: Ath200, yeah, Styx and Billy Joel rock. (And Queen and Saga and The Cars, etc.)
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    Great thread topic!

    Grandparents loved southern gospel and old country, as well as Elvis. My parents only listened to contemporary Christian music. Like, militantly. Micheal W Smith, Crystal Lewis, Audio Adrenalin, Steven Curtis Chapman, Avalon, ad nauseum. When my dad was in rare form, he'd play/sing seventies rock tunes, and I loved it. I liked the weirdest Christian bands/artists I could get my hands on (not being allowed to listen to secular tunes ): Miss Angie, POD, Tri Danielson, etc, and anything instrumental.

    These days, I rarely listen to "CCM" at all, mostly because I simply can't reconcile most of it with my own beliefs about God. It's a bit trite. That, and, well, it's generally just bland, or poorly executed. I like folk music, anti-folk, indie rock, jazz, rock, classical, world music...really, I enjoy anything that's truly unique and excellent in its genre, if it fits into one.
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    What did your folks or older siblings listen to?

    My older sister mostly listened to KROQ, an alternative rock station in LA. Back then, it played the Pixies, Violent Femmes, Depeche Mode, The Cure, etc. That music is still some of my favorite.

    My mom mostly played 70s and 80s soft rock around me. I dislike a lot of her favorite bands actually. The music I like from her youth is music she didn't like (ie. classic punk rock). I do like certain music she exposed me to, like Patsy Cline.

    My grandma liked oldies and a lot of swing/jazz music from the 30s/40s. I like a lot of that better than my mom's music.

    Do you think you have any extra affinity (or distaste) for that specific genre as a result?

    Absolutely. It definitely set me on a certain track. I tend to like alternative/indie/college rock stuff and I like some jazzy stuff also.

    Do you think that an emotional connection/association with music can make you like something that wouldn't normally attract you?

    Sometimes, yes. Mostly music my friends and I discovered in our adolescence that seems pretty lame to me now, haha. I'll listen to it now out of nostalgia, but if it was new and I came across it, I'd probably dismiss it.
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    i grew up with rap music: N.W.A., Eazy-E, Too $hort, Cypress Hill, Ice-T, Dr. Dre, Snoop... that is mostly what we had. i have moved away from listening to it.
    and we also had some R&B and soul music (Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Al Green), but i heard a lot less of that in general, and more as i got a little older and started searching it out.

    at home my father listened to classical music a lot, pretty much exclusively operas and symphonies. that was the only music at home.

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